Thursday, March 25, 2010

Don't Worry We are Good

I promise the kids are being fed and loved, and it is just my blogging community (all 10 of you) that I am neglecting.

I am pretty sure that if the Guinness Book of Records had a "How Much Can One Mother Shove Into Her Day/Week" I would be a real contender.

Here is a little peek, and I realize that it is only Thursday...boy do I ever realize this!!

Monday I got up and worked out and I decided that while Bella was at soccer practice I would run the path around the park. So got home, got Bella to practice (2 minutes from our house), went home chopped veggies for our dinner...homemade calzones, put on running stuff, ran 3 miles and got Bella and went home and started dinner.

Here is where a plan that looks good on paper, starts to fall apart in real life a) Rich ended up working a horrendous 30 airplanes at once shift from 11:00 - 5:30 (1 1/2 hours past when he usually works and didn't get home until 6:15) b)my pizza dough was NOT cooperating and c) it was 7:15 before we ended up eating. We were starving and had a deadline of 8:00 for Chuck.

Tuesday I am sitting at Andrew's baseball game with Rich and Bella. It is the last half of an inning and it is, oh, about 9:00 and one mom said "Well I am going to leave a bit early so I can start on dinner"


I thought 7:15 was late to be eating. I was honestly going to ask Rich if we could leave a bit early because I needed to start on...SLEEPING...So that was Tuesday night. Needless to say that going straight from work to Bella's art class, to baseball (with a stop at Subway for dinner BEFORE the game) and home about 10:00 the Random Dozen did not get started or for that matter finished. I was bummed, but I was lucky to make it home without falling asleep at the wheel.

Well don't worry, Wednesday I actually cooked fish tacos, did soccer practice, paid bills, helped with homework, did our usual ice cream night and went to bed at a decent time.

Tonight is another baseball game...and tomorrow is the last day before a much needed Spring Break.


More Later

- A Ro


  1. Something's gotta give, Girl.
    You can't keep goin' at that pace or you'll disintegrate. Poof! You'll figure it out. Mom's work HARD!!

  2. You will SO enjoy your Spring Break. Mine's coming to an end, so I'm back to crazy busy and early mornings.


  3. Your time management skills are VASTLY superior to mine! Sheesh woman - quit making me look so bad :)

  4. You did better than I would have. Everyone is talking about these fish taco's. I guess I need to try them. What time is dinner? :)

  5. Oh wow...enjoy your spring break. I definitely hope sleeping is involved!

    So how do you do your fish tacos...I've never made them but you're in California so a legitimate source to ask : )

  6. I remember those days! Thank goodness they're over! If those people eat at 10:00, what time do they go to sleep (or do they)? Talk about some indigestion!

  7. Can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to next week's spring break, as well. Hope you get to enjoy some time for yourself! (and the family!)