Monday, March 8, 2010

Karma is Alive and Well

I am guilty. I admit it. I paid for it...kinda.

Every week I see pictures and hear stories from other bloggers about snow. Snow here, snow there, look at all the snow, snow, snow, snow. I make my comments:

"Wow, look at all that snow"

"Boy that snow sure looks pretty"

"I sometimes miss the snow"

When in actuality I am thinking: Thank goodness I live in California and don't have to deal with all that sasinfrassin snow.

Well on Saturday the weather gods got me back, and I can assure you for one hour I was miserable, cold, wet but mostly miserable.Bella had her first soccer game of the season.

We are wimps here in California. Pretty much everything stops for rain. We have even closed school for rain. People here with their convertibles, Gucci umbrellas, and high heels don't do rain.

So when it was raining on Saturday morning I thought there is no way in heck we were playing soccer today.
I was wrong.

We played.

We got wet.Bella's impression of the Hamburger Helper Guy only made me smile a little.
Until I realized...No wait...those are GOALIE GLOVES...OK I am going to be going now, call me when it is over.Because of all my worrying she did not give up one goal...she didn't get any balls anywhere near her, but no goals were scored on her.

What is is about kids? She could have cared less if it was raining. She was a happy little soccer player.

I was cold.

Not as cold as all of you snowed in folks.

But I was cold.

I am sorry.

I swear.
This will be me the next game. Tarp. Umbrella. Blanket. Hat. and Video games.

Especially if Bella is in the goal again.

More Later

- A Ro


  1. Oh I'm with you on the goalie thing-too much pressure! I love al the green grass there...ours is white. sigh.

  2. You close school for rain????? That cracks me up almost as much as whoever is under all those blankets.

  3. Don't forget the electric socks. I have a pair if you want to borrow them. :)