Sunday, March 21, 2010

Project 365 Week 12

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I must apologize for my hiatus. Some people deal with stress by exercising heavily, or shopping. My usual m.o. is to just stop doing everything when I am stressed and upset. This past week has been full of a lot of stress. I am doing better and hopefully I can adopt some better coping skills like exercising more...yeah right OR buying new just thinking about that one makes me feel better...I guess we have a winner.

Either way I did manage to take my Project 365 pictures this enjoy...while I grab my oxygen tank and head off to DSW shoe warehouse.


Boredom is the Mother of Trouble

A trip to Kohls to find a plaid flannel shirt for Isabella's class play next week and a potato ricer comes up empty handed. Do you know how hard it is to find plaid flannel in California when the weather is 70 degrees? Yeah, you guessed it...impossible. And the potato ricer...geez $40 bucks just to try a new homemade gnocchi recipe?? Yeah, you guessed it...I should have spent the $40 bucks.



Just love Bella cuddled up in my bed with her P.J.'s on reading her book...too cute.


Great Bedside Manner

I woke up Tuesday morning with horrible stomach cramps, aches and pains, and a slight fever. I felt horrible. Bella came home from school and made me this small treasure hunt so I could find my get well card. She is just the sweetest girl I know. Rich and Bella really know how to take care of me. (Andrew would have too, but he had a baseball game and was with his dad.)



Rich's kids were supposed to be here this week so I bought Disneyland tickets for Wednesday. I took two personal days and got the kids out of school. So when Rich's kids didn't come I decided to go anyway. Not really the wisest choice considering I was still not feeling 100%, but it is the Happiest Place on Earth and I did just fine. I really had a good time with my kids and I think it was just what we needed. (Even though I paid for it the next day.) Notice that Andrew will have his picture taken just as long as I'm not taking it....hmmm...


Big Boy

I cannot believe that this is my little boy. When did he become such a big boy??


This Can Only Mean One Thing

Either I am organizing or moving. Hey, wait...I am doing BOTH. We went out to get some necessary items for our moving 12 step program moving organization strategy. A journey of 1000 miles starts with one step, you know.


Big Girl

I cannot believe that this is my little girl. When did she become such a big girl??

In Summary: I really need to figure out how to stop them from growing up. It really isn't working for me. This move might just involve a real 12 step program at some point. I think I would much rather break my arm then have the stomach flu...and that just might solve the packing/moving problem...hmmm. But if I have to be stressed and do stressful things, this family is the one that I want to go through it with.

More Later

- A Ro


  1. Hope you're feeling better. Moving always makes me sick : )

    Glad you had the day at sorry the plans didn't work out as you had hoped. Shoes are good. I'm sure some people would tell you to exercise but I'm sticking with shoes. : )

  2. Hope this coming week is a better one for you... with no sickness and lots of accomplished things... I know I always feel better when I get alot accomplished

  3. Definitely go for the shoes - that always perks me right up.

    We should have had a 12 step program when we moved. I was apparently useless & Dr. M did almost everything by himself. NOT a good plan!

  4. Moving...that brings the stress on...

    Blessings for a better week.

  5. Hope you (and other things) perk up soon!

  6. Sorry you had a rough week Amy! Do you still want a potato ricer? I have one that I used once and would be happy to send to you. Let me know.
    I love that all 3 of you are in a picture together!!! See, it is a magical place.
    Have a super week!!

  7. Great post Ro. They do grow up fast don't they.

  8. hope your flu is GONE!
    great pictures!

  9. Boy, if you figure out how to stop 'em from growing, please let me know. Because this whole process is killing me!!

    Ha! That's funny about Andrew and the picture taking. Kids are so weird sometimes. (Their mothers NEVER are. Right?)

    Glad you're back!