Friday, March 12, 2010

The Greatest Job in the World's Down Side (or Backside)

I have been bloggy AWOL for the past couple of days for a very good reason. I have been making music with young people.

My Spring Choral Concert was Wednesday night and it was a spectacular concert. If I can ever figure out how to post video on my blog I will send out some of the actual MUSIC that we produced that night, but that probably translates to never. However, here are some pictures of the joyous event. WOOHOO!!

My combined Sixth Grade Chorus. They look so innocent, so serious, however, they all have kazoos hidden somewhere on their person ready for the signal. I love kazoos...and btw...they do too.

This is my mighty Middle School Chorus. It is a wonder to everyone, but me, why I have a HUGE Sixth Grade Chorus and a HUGE High School Chorus, but a tiny Middle School Chorus. It is because it is IMPOSSIBLE for the Seventh and Eighth Grade schedule to be worked out to include all the elective possibilities. About as impossible as trying to get my point across without using all CAPITAL LETTERS. Next year I think we have it all figured out though...I'll let you know.

Here is my High School Chorus, don't they just look grand...wait just a minute...who is that extremely handsome and talented boy in the front row???
Why yes it is!!! It is my uber talented boy. He can play cello, bass, and sing a mean tenor line. Wow, how did I get to be so lucky to be his mama??

Here is the band for vocal jazz. I know I look ticked off with my diva attitude and my hands on my idea why.
Thanks Rich for snapping all these pictures. And for once again pointing out why the best job in the world has its problems. Yes, you guessed it, for 90% of my concert the audience only saw my backside. It is a hazard of the job that no one points out to you when you are in college studying all that is needed to be successful. They should really have a mandatory class called Gluteal Toning 101 (subtittled) Trust Me You'll Be Glad You Took This Class Someday.
Ah, hindsight is 20/20
get it hindsight

**tap tap is this thing on??**
oh never mind.
More Later
-A Ro


  1. Amy,
    Go to
    Super easy to upload pictures and video to post right on your blog and facebook. It's free (the basics) and has some cute themes and music available, too. I'm telling you, it's easy! and free! Check it out!

  2. I signed up for's easy. I've seen it on a lot of blogs so figured why not? If I can do it anyone can do it!

    hindsight-ha...that's funny!

  3. Ah, A Ro, you start my morning with a laugh. My SIL, a Middle School music teacher, joined weight watchers for exactly this reason!

  4. Angels do not have backsides, is the saying in Spanish. :)