Sunday, March 7, 2010

Project 365 Week 10


Andrew had his big youth orchestra concert. He couldn't duck out of this picture, now could he?? HA! He is an amazing cellist. He sits in the middle of the cello section in the top orchestra in the program. He is younger than most in the group.
The Headless Cellist

Andrew got a brand new cello today. We have been renting up to this point and now he has his very own. Notice two things: a) he is wearing his baseball pants, gotta love a multi-talented kid and b) he would only allow me to take this picture if his head was not in it...sigh

Little Miss Manners

Bella needed to call her friend for homework help. I took this picture to remind me of a) how polite she was when talking to her friends mother and b) how weird she knows her mother is for taking a picture of her on the phone.

When Zachary Beaver Came to Town

Bella finally decided on the Newberry book she would read for her book report. It was suggested to her by one of her teachers because it is quirky and has the same sense of humor that Bella has. I can't wait to dig in.

Have I Told You I Hate Speaking In Front of People?

We have a regional independent school conference coming up and I am giving one of the presentations. YIKES!! This is me preparing, and if you could only see the panic on my face. I would MUCH rather sing in front of people than speak.

Me and My Girl

Rich, Bella, and I went to Famous Dave's BBQ for dinner on Friday night. We were bored so we took pictures while we waited. I love this one.


Rain Rain Go Away

It was Bella's first spring soccer game. Here she is before the game. She is lamenting the fact that the game is probably going to be canceled because it is POURING down rain. However, they didn't cancel it ( So we sat in the nasty, cold, rain and watched the Purple Penguins win!!

In summary: Boy do I have talented and oh so cute kids, if I do say so myself. I do, however, wonder where her manners come from. I didn't "teach" it to her, but modeling good behavior must go along way. I feel by getting a headless shot of Andrew I am slowly working my way into his picture taking heart. Mostly, I am reminded that I have this HUGE talk coming up and now I cannot focus on anything else...must go take chill pill!!

More Later

-A Ro


  1. great week!

    Of course, I love to see the kids playing instruments!!! I love the sound of the cello!

    you will do great with your presentation...can you sing it?! ha! might be fun!

  2. How exciting to finally see Andrew and looking so handsome, I might add! His cello is gorgeous! I love the richness of the cello. Bella looks older this week. Not sure why, but just struck me that way. I love the picture of the two of you and her lamenting the rain!
    You will do great with your presentation! I'm with Sara, that maybe you could sing it.
    Have a super week!!

  3. Aw you'll do great - you know the material I'm sure & that's the important thing. You're kids are so cute! Andrew's a goof - but my mom was the same way. It's a miracle we had any good pictures of her at all!

  4. Love the picture of your daughter in the rain! Priceless!

  5. I'm with you on public speaking :-)
    Let us know how the book is -- I love juvenile literature!
    I think you do a fabulous job capturing your week in photos! Bella on the phone is great.

  6. Another musician in the family.
    Headless? Well, it is the new cello you are featuring, after all.
    You have so much to offer from your vast experience. I know the presentation will go well!
    Love the mother/daughter pic!

  7. Wow a Cellist. That is awesome. I noticed the baseball pants right away. LOL cute.
    I hate watching soccer in the rain, but it is a cute picture.

  8. I love the picture of you and your Bella. So, so sweet. And that expression on her face is priceless. So glad they were able to play after all.

  9. How many orchestra/symphonic wind/band concerts have I been too? The world may never know.

    My son played the French horn and the trumpet and was in both the symphonic winds orchestra and marching band. My DD is now in the orchestra and plays the violin.

    It's a right of passage I think.

    Have a great week!

  10. Such cute kids! I love proud Moms!

    Good Luck on your presentation; I'm sure you'll be great. Thanks for snapping a pic of your books. I've already looked up The Perfect Rehearsal on Amazon. Looks good! I may have to order it for myself.