Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bella and Chuck

Those two things have nothing in common except that Bella also loves to watch Chuck.  Now if you don't know what Chuck is or have never watched it you can just skip to the Bella part of my post.  It will be noted by big bold letters.  You could also just close your browser and go on with your day.

I love the NBC show Chuck.  I have never missed a show.  This is odd for me because I don't usually have a "show".  The last time I think I had a "show" was when about ten of us got together every Thursday night in college and watched Knots Landing.  We watched that show religiously.  I think I was more fascinated with Donna Mills smokey eye makeup than whether Valene and Gary stayed together or not.  I tried desperately to recreate her no avail I might add.

What is even odder is that I LIKE the show Chuck.  I mean, truth be told it IS a semi-action show.  There are guns, shootings, killings and people hanging perilously from roof tops.  Not a usual list of criteria for an "Amy" show.  However, I love people love train wrecks.  We don't know why we look, but we look.  There are some things that do make my list of criteria...lovable characters (including nerdy but cute Chuck), romance, and comedy.  So for Zachary Levi...I watch.

Monday was the first show after a long hiatus, and all four of us were glued to the TV to see what antics the gang gets into this time.  I just hope NBC keeps it on for awhile longer or they might get bombarded with pocket protectors.


So I end this post with a few funny things Bella said to me the other day.

Bella says to me when I ask her what a plastic spoon is doing on her this she says "That is my purple spoon named Charlie"

of course...

I also had about a million things to sign for her from her take home folder and she hands me one and says "please sign at the bottom".  She hands me another one and says "please sign on the line initial on all the x's".  The third one gets a "please sign and date in triplicate".  The last one she says "and this one will need a DNA sample"

She cracks. me. up.

My next post will be Andrew and The Event...

...yeah I watch The Event, to quote Churchill (which I do often) I am a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.

More Later

- A Ro

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  1. Your sweet Bella cracks me up!

    I've never seen Chuck. Should I? Have you ever watched an episode of 24? Hubs and I caught up on Netflix, then wondered why we never watched when it aired. So, so sad they don't run anymore. Where's Jack Bauer when you need him these days? But then again, our country could only go through so many nuclear threats, right? ;)