Sunday, January 9, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

I know that title it isn't all that clever, but I need to save all my clever for next semester when my students start showing up again ready to be entertained taught.

This past weekend has been very very quiet.  The kids were with their Dad, and Rich and I are not that loud...actually that really isn't all that true.  We laugh and act more goofy when we are alone, because we don't get the "you guys are really weird" lecture.  I must admit we are pretty weird, but the nice thing is that we are the same kind of weird...needless to say I enjoy my weekends with him.

Friday night we watched the new Gold Rush Alaska on Discovery.

Yes, It was Friday night and I was watching a reality show on the Discovery channel...I know, I know.

For some reason I have really gotten into this show, but I also found myself glued to the new Biggest Loser on Tuesday night...maybe my 40's are all about reality television.


We also ran to take Andrew his phone charger...yeah we are good like that.  Since we were in the neighborhood we stopped at our favorite restaurant and sat in the bar and got some appetizers and chatted, this was only after we went to Target and I spent some of my gift card from the kids at Bath and Body Works.

See I know what you are thinking, but the thing is it's THE BIG YELLOW sale and I got some kickin' deals.  You would do the same thing too...just admit it.

Saturday morning began with getting my name put on Rich's safe deposit box.

It is what all good married couples wait to do until 5 months after they get married.  

This was only after I bet Rich that he had gone to the wrong bank branch...and I was proven wrong.  Just so you know I am not afraid to admit when I am wrong...sometimes.  We ate breakfast at Denny's and cleaned the house.

Have I lost you yet??  Now is your chance to get out while it isn't too late...cause it just gets better from here.

We ate dinner at our favorite pizza place and made another trip to Target. We also made a risky trip to Off Broadway Shoes to replace my brown boots (who's heel broke as I was heading out the door last Tuesday causing me to have to re think my entire outfit, thankfully it included only having to iron pants.  I didn't have to try to navigate a new shirt, just the pants, needless to say I wasn't all).  The boots are in the garbage and have been replaced.  The risk was mitigated due to Rich's presence.  I only bought one superfluous pair of shoes.  They were 60% off cute white Converse shoes with a double tongue...I told myself that I would throw away my old pair of white Converse, but they are still in my closet "just in case".  And that ends our Saturday evening...well only after Rich ate his coconut M&M's we found at that I say YUCK.

Sunday started out with a great work out and a great salmon that I say YUM.  I tried to make these yam muffins and ended up calling them YAK muffins...they were disgusting.  Sometimes healthy is good, and sometimes not so much.  Rich liked them (so he says).  Trust me it was the recipe not the cook.  We did laundry and...well that is about it.

Please forgive me, I usually am a little more exciting, and no I am sorry you can't get back the last five minutes of your life.

More Later

- A Ro


  1. I watched the Biggest Loser last week's my daughter's favorite show and I'm hooked after week1. My hubs liked it too. As far as reality programming goes its pretty positive. They cannot 'fix' the show-people lose what they lose. And everyone has a story and you are rooting for them all and they are doing something good for themselves. All in all, not the worst reality programming around. Tonite is The Bachelor. That is a whole nother story!

  2. Believe it or not, your weekend sounds a lot more exciting than mine was. I got the decorations all put away (unless I find something I forgot), and, that was about it.

  3. Dr. M & I had the coconut M&Ms yesterday & we thought they were pretty yummy. So there! Heh. Your weekend sounds a LOT like ours, except you get out & do more things - I don't think we left the house at all on Saturday. But we were out for 5 hours on Sunday, so that makes up for it. Oh, and at my house we are all documentary all the time :)