Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekend Highlight Reel (List)

Alas the weekend is over and it is back to work tomorrow.  They just seem to fly by.  This weekend was a kidless weekend for me and no work for Rich...woohoo!!  Don't get excited it was a normal are the highlights.

1.  Rich has a really cool job.  He is an air traffic controller by trade but works at the local Navy Base as a Range Control Officer.  He controls a range of air space and works ops that include weapons testing.  It is a pretty cool job for a dude as it involves watching things blow up.  Most of what he does is top secret and sometimes it calls for wierd hours.  Well Friday was one of those times.  He had to be into work at 5:00 am so our morning workout routine had to be postponed until after work.  Sooooo.....we drug ourselves to the gym after a long day and got it done.  Truth be told it felt good and we rewarded ourselves with a (healthy) dinner at our favorite BBQ place Bandits (thanks Roger!!).  We ended up at the mall to replace a watch battery and enjoy a cup o joe.  Now a trip to the mall usually means some serious shopping but we were beat and a trip to the Fossil store for a watch battery was all we could handle.

2.  Saturday started off with our workout, breakfast at Corner Bakery, and grocery shopping.  The norm.

3.  As we were out and about I got this Facebook status report from Bella: "I watched the social network. 38% was good 13% was people having parties 11% was the guy talking 48% was confusing" then she commented that she didn't know if her math was right or not. (Probably would not have viewed that movie had she been in my care...but whatever.   

4.  We were going to see a movie Saturday night as I have an AMC gift card burning a hole in my pocket, but neither one of us were in the mood to go anywhere so we cuddled on the couch and watched my Netflixed Modern Family first season episodes, I'm telling you that series cracks me up.  I did a lot of lol-ing.

5.  Trip to the post office to mail a baby gift and a long awaited ker-prize for a special boy.  I live right down the street from the post office so why is it that I can never seem to get anything mailed in a timely manner??? I mean seriously, the post office makes it SO easy with their flat rate boxes AND automated postage machines.  It's so sad.

6.  Cleaning and laundry seem to always appear on my to do list for the weekend...could they just take a break for once???

7.  We got our Sunday workout done early so we had a yummy breakfast together and read the paper.  For Rich this means actually reading the paper.  For me it means I start my Sunday crossword...and maybe peruse the ads.  I wonder how I can be so on top of my current events.  If it isn't on the front page of MSN on-line it isn't a current event.

8. We made Grandpa Mike's chili and some Cooking Light corn muffins.  It wasn't snowing or even cold here, but that chili and corn muffins hit the spot.

So this was a perfect example of a normal easy going weekend.  I really love those.  However, I am sure that weekends will not always look this way, in fact, I foresee busy ones just up ahead. 

But I am sure one thing will always be present...a date with a vacuum.

More Later

- A Ro


  1. Yes, sadly I too have a standing date with my vacuum. : )

  2. Ooh - don't mention the V word - eek!

    Sounds like the kind of weekend we always have - nice & quiet with some fun food thrown in.

  3. We have a gift card to the movies, but haven't used it yet. I keep waiting for something worth seeing to come along.