Sunday, January 16, 2011

Project 365 Week 3

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It is time once again to show you all what I have been up to this week.  If you are big fan of my Bella you are in luck...she has turned up in quite a few of the pictures this week, she must love making an apperance on my blog, or it could be that she is the only one who still allows me to take her picture, but I'll take what I can get.

So, head on over to Sara's blog and check out all of the other participants.  It is fun to take a peek.

Here's a peek into mine:

Sunday January 9 2011 :
Dancing Queens

Bella's friend had a hip hop birthday party.  They went to a dance studio and learned how to hip hop dance.  I must say Bella was holding her own and can really pop and lock.  It is very funny to watch 10 year olds do this.

Monday January 10 2011:

Well we had to wear assembly dress today, and Bella is usually very good at remembering these things.  But it was a Monday, so it isn't a wonder that we forgot.  So we rushed to the hand me down closet at school and found a couple of items that "worked".  As you can see the skirt was kinda long, the shirt kinda big, and her Arizona Wildcat socks weren't exactly up to "code".  She did, however, accent it all with her purple checked Vans...yeah it was quite an outfit.

Tuesday January 11 2011:

It was the start of soccer season at school this week.  It was cold.  It rained a little bit.  My girl was so super awesome.  I love watching her play she is fast.

Wednesday January 12 2011:

This was much prettier in person.  I love these kinds of mornings!!

Thursday January 13 2011:
My New Toy

I got a new cookbook, not only that it was a Cooking Light cookbook, not only that it was a 30 minute meals or less Cooking Light cookbook.  It is a very cool thing.  I love cookbooks.

Friday January 14 2011:
Bella's Bagel

Yes this is a 10 year old girl eating an everything bagel.  She loves the unusual.  We didn't have school today so we started our day with a trip to Starbucks and Target...two of my most favorite places.  It was a beautiful day.

Saturday January 15 2011:
She Did it Again

Yep she did it again.  My girl loves those claw machines.  She will spend a dollar now and then and wins almost every time.  She has played about 9 times and I think she has won 7 of those times.  Andrew is the same way, as a matter of fact.  Well today we were at the market and she had a dollar in her pocket so she decided to play. Rich and I went down the other aisle and I told him that one of these days she isn't going to win and she will be sad.  He told me he had a good feeling about this one, and sure enough here comes Bella around the corner with her Tootsie Roll pillow...she won on her first $.50 try.  

In Summary:  It was a Bella and me week.  I just love my girl.  She can play soccer, bust a move, eats crazy things, (and doesn't mind when I break out a new cookbook recipe), remembers assembly dress (almost every time), and I am seriously thinking about letting her pick my lottery numbers.

More Later

- A Ro


  1. fun week!

    I love cookbooks too. In fact, my kids got me two new ones for christmas!! enjoy!

  2. What a beautiful relationship you have with your lovely girl!

    I'm a cookbook collector and I adore all of my really old church type ones.

    Hugs & love,

  3. What's amazing about that cookbook is that I find most Cooking Light recipes take 30 minutes just to read the ingredients :) I'm not much of a cook - I'm sure you know by now. Heh.

    That Bella is SO CUTE with her sad face & even sadder assembly outfit!

  4. Cooking Light cookbook: wonderful! 30 minutes? Even better!

  5. Bella's weekly tour! Loved it.

    Fun bday idea! My girls would love to try that. Bella was a good sport to deal with the clothes and the cold weather.

    I got a new cookbook too and have been drooling over the pictures. Just haven't committed to making any of the recipes yet, but I'm dreaming.

    I, too, have 2 of my 3 girls who will eat anything. Makes it easy to go out.

    I won't show my Katie that Bella usually wins at The Claw. Katie always loses...always. Poor thing. I've actually never seen anyone win, so "way to go" Bella!

    Have a good week!

  6. Looks like you two had some good mommy-daughter time this week!

  7. Yum to that bagel and yeah for winning something out of the claw kids never win. That hip hop party sounds awesome too.