Monday, January 10, 2011

Tell Me Why Tuesdays

I know technically I am writing this and posting it on Monday night, but Tell Me Why Mondays just doesn't have the same ring and tomorrow night, Joyce willing, I will be doing the you see.

I did the Tell Me Why posts last year in joining with the #twitterstyleposting...and I had there.

So...its back, still doesn't have any sort of cute button, or a Mr. Linky but if you have your own "tell me why twitter style" just leave it in the comments.

Here are mine:
1.  Why are there a group of about 10 students in my room during lunch today playing Sorry? #itisn'tfinalsweekaroundhereoranything.

2.  Why do I keep the game Sorry (and Apples to Apples) in my chorus classroom? #iamabigfanofcomicrelief

3.  Why do I love THE BIG YELLOW SALE at Bath and Body Works? #youcan'thavetoomuchwarmvanillasugarhandsanitizer

4.  Why had getting up early to go exercise not been so bad? #cuteworkoutpartnerwholooksGOODweariniggymshorts

5.  Why do people in the south run out to the market and buy milk and bread when there is a THREAT of snow? #musthaveahankeringforfrenchtoasthopeyougoteggs

6.  Why has my next semster middle school chorus grown from 11 students to (as of last count) 18!!! #okmaybeiamagoodteacher

7.  Why do I like proctering finals? #quiettwohoursofuninteruppedworkandfreedress

8. Why do I still have Iowa withdrawal?  #blondbluesbigbrownandred
9.  Why do you still put up with my endless pictures of my nieces and nephews? #causeyoufeelmyheartache

10.  Why am I the happiest woman on the planet? #uhduh

More Later

- A Ro

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  1. Love this! I'll bet you ARE a great teacher. But free dress? What's that all about :)