Saturday, January 8, 2011

Project 365 Week 1 & 2

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Here we go again!!  I am so thrilled to be participating once again with Sara and her Project 365.  I can't wait to put last years days into a book and remember what a wonderful year we had.  2011 is shaping up to be a great one too.  Week one only had one day in it so I am including it on this post.  I had a very boring week and my pictures were not too exciting.  But it is what it is.

Head on over to Sara's blog and check out all the other participants week.  I love sharing my life with you all this way.


Saturday January 1 2011
Yep...We Start With a Crappy Picture

My new phone is the source of this fantastic picture.  It is my brother Greg and my nephew JoJo just as we toasted Happy New Year.  I love this picture especially since it has the game we were attempting to play, and a guy eating a bagel on TV.  Great shot and what a great way to start this Project.  (Is the sarcasm too obvious??)

Sunday January 2 2011
Back to Homework

Yep, we came home to homework.  Bella just hunkered down and got it done, and managed to give me a goofy look in the process...that's my girl.

Monday January 3 2011
Maggie's Home!!!

Rich went and got Maggie tonight.  We were so glad to have her home and we really liked the kennel that we took her too...she even got a little stocking on Christmas day!!  We are glad to have all of our family members back.

Tuesday January 4 2011
Cheat Picture

OK...Today my sister Kate put this picture that Bella took on Facebook as her profile picture and I LOVE this picture so I stole it as my Tuesday picture.  I miss them!!!

Wednesday January 5 2011
Get to Work

Maggie laid down on the floor just like this.  It looked like she was doing her homework.  Too cute.

Thursday January 6 2011
Nice Surprise

Two of my favorite former students came to see me today.  I love visits from Jacob and Sabrina.  I do have the best job around.

Friday January 7 2011

My kids were with their Dad this weekend so Rich and I went to browse Fry's Electronics to look for a GPS mounting clip (I know the excitement is killing you).  This particular Fry's was decorated in an Alice in Wonderland theme.  Totally facinated me, obviously.

Saturday January 8 2011

With the kids away Rich and I decided to go to our favorite pizza place.  I got out my camera to take a picture and almost missed the pizza.  Needless to say, adult conversation coupled with a great pizza made me forget that I was a blogger and need a good picture for today.  Silly me.

In Summary:  I think the first weeks of January have been completely normal.  Nice and normal.  We are all back to school, homework and all, and complete with pleasant surprises.  No kids weekend equals quiet dinners and errands, but I still miss my Iowa/Arkansas people.  May is right around the corner!!

More Later

- A Ro


  1. great week! it says alot that your former students come to visit you! :)

  2. Maggie is just adorable! Looks like a good couple of weeks!

  3. Great week! It's always good to come home!

    My kids loved visiting their former teachers when theybwere home for break. I love that they had teachers that invested son much in them!

    That pizza looks yummy!

  4. That picture of Maggie doing her "homework" is too cute!

    How fun to get visits from former students. Definitely a bonus!

    That rabbit looks GINORMOUS! Kinda creepy Alice In Wonderland decor, IMHO.

    Have a great week!

  5. Normal weeks are always good and there's always a lot of things to be thankful for in normalacy. It looked nice and relaxing to me :)

  6. Normal is good! Love your daughter & the doggie.


  7. I'll bet Bella wishes that Maggie WOULD do her homework :)

    I agree with Kim - the rabbit is scary!

    I'm glad you had a nice normal week - we all need them on a regular basis!

  8. Love the face in the homework picture...that is how my kids feel too. LOL Cute.
    That pizza looks so good. I am so hungry right now.

  9. It look like a busy week for you! Great pics!