Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Next Mrs. Universe...Not

So my husband has always been sort of a workout fiend. 

He can seriously lift some weights. 

He takes this part of his overall health very seriously.  He is a retired Navy man and a high school football player (hunky high school football player I might add) so most of his life he has been weight lifting. Ever since we became reacquainted he has tried to get me to do some strength training with him in addition to my running/cardio.  I have always bucked this idea.  I know it sounds crazy that I wouldn't want to go to the gym and a) figure out all those crazy machines that look like torture devices b) work around and with all those crazy muscle men who look like they might torture me if I get in their way and c) walk around and look like an idiot because I don't have one of those belt thingys and matching gloves. 

Basically I have no idea what I am doing AND it isn't the most loving and kind environment to learn in.

Anyway, Rich was on bodybuilding.com (one of his favorite websites) a couple of weeks ago and found this 12 week diet and exercise program he wanted to try and asked me if I wanted to join him.  I really needed to think about it.  The hang up I had was that I don't to diet.  I realize that people do it all the time as witnessed by the billion dollar diet industry, but I can't live my life on a diet.  I hate counting calories, measuring food, and keeping track of everything I put into my mouth.  It makes me live an obsessive food drivin life style and I just can't do it.  I prefer to follow a more humane eating plan.  Eat things that are good for me and make me feel good, eat when I am hungry, and eat until I am full.  I also don't like myself very much when I am in the "I am not happy with my body I need to lose weight mode".   Seriously, I am a very healthy person, my husband thinks I am beautiful and sexy...why do I need to be some certain size, why can't I just be happy with the way I am.  So, whatever. 

I looked into this program and the diet part did NOT include those things that I hate. It was basically the way that I want to be eating; protein, good carbs, fruits and veggies.  The strength training would be something that we did together early in the morning (so no meatheads...at least not as many), and it included some cardio too.  The drawbacks were that you didn't get a day off (you did some sort of weight training and/or cardio every day) and you were supposed to weigh yourself weekly.  Yeah...the scale and I have a love/hate relationship for obvious reasons.

I really wanted to support Rich and do something to help me out too.  So I agreed.  We are on week 3 and so far so good.  I am feeling stronger and healthier and getting up every day at 4:15 to work out has really had a positive affect on my day.  I am less tired (believe it or not) and I feel like my metabolism is in full gear.  I love spending that time with Rich and really working towards living a long life together.

So for some reason all of this "healthy lifestyle" mumbo jumbo has got me thinking about coming up with a new running goal...and a half marathon jumped into my mind.  Actually the New York marathon jumped into my mind first, as Rich has never been to New York City and it is one of my most favorite places...so makes sense huh?!?  Well now that I think about it it doesn't make all that much sense.  I mean I love New York so lets run a marathon...yeah not too much sense.

Anyhoo...I did some research and it is hard to get into the New York Marathon, dang phew.  So I had to rethink my "great idea".  I asked around and one of my colleagues told me about a half marathon that runs through Santa Barbara's wine country. 
Yeah...great poster huh???

This 12 week program has a strict no alcohol rule, and well...I am already a light weight but 12 weeks without a glass of wine.  Let's just say that I am glad that I won't be running this race until next year.  I'll need that much time to...ahem...train.

More Later

- A Ro


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  2. Is it weird that I think this whole post is fun?? ha. Love that you two are doing this together. Going solo in the 'health department' is hard. ;) A 1/2 mary would be fun... I'm just not sure my body agrees with running anymore. *sigh* I may have to give this 12 week program a try??