Sunday, January 30, 2011

Project 365 Week 5

It is time to share my week with you.  Another pretty normal week around the Ro. household, but if you look closely you will notice that I managed to get Andrew into 2 of my pictures this week. 

I know...

Head on over to Sara's and check out all the other bloggers who linked up.  It is a large group this year, so lots of fun.  Here is my go:

Sunday January 23:
Protein Shake

Used my new Magic Bullet to whip up this yummy blueberry and banana protein shake.  Had a big muscle workout this morning, and it is the only way I can choke down the protein powder.  It is actually tasty.

Monday January 24:

I'd Like to Introduce My Son Andrew

It was CHUCK night!!!  We all watched and I made chocolate shakes for the kids guessed new Magic Bullet.  I have used that gadget more than my George Foreman Grill, Crock Pot, and Fry Daddy combined...I don't actually have a Fry Daddy...but you get the picture.

Tuesday January 25:
Sick Girl

Bella woke up with a 102 fever this morning.  She, however, got herself dressed and was ready to go to school because she had a soccer game and couldn't miss it.  She must not have noticed that she could hardly stand up let alone kick a soccer ball and run a marathon up and down the field.  Silly girl.

Wednesday January 26:

Band Concert Courtesy of Advil

Bella had her first fifth grade band assembly this morning.  She really couldn't miss it so we threw some Advil in her and got her through it...then took her home.  The percussion bug hasn't quite bit her yet, but she does alright.

Thursday January 27:

Our Patriot Pete
We had a big basketball game tonight.  Bella came home early again from school, but Andrew stayed to watch the game and we went to pick him up.  We got to watch the 4th quarter which was not a great quarter for our guys.  We ended up losing.  Here is our mascot, he is one of my students...I love this guy!!

Friday January 28:

 Another Picture???

Andrew went to see the Green Hornet last weekend with some friends and really loved it.  He thought we all would enjoy it too.  So we talked him into going with us on Friday night.  It takes a lot to get a teenager to go to the movies with his family so we had to bribe him with our favorite BBQ restaurant Red's before hand.  You gotta do what you gotta do.

Saturday January 29:
A Beautiful Songbird

I went to see my former student perform at a coffee house in Santa Monica tonight.  She was absolutely amazing.  She has such stage presence and such a wonderful voice.  She was surprised to see me, and was glad I was there.  Bella, Rich and I really enjoyed ourselves. 

In Summary:  I got some alone time with Bella as I nursed her back to health, and still this spleen-less gal didn't get sick (knock on wood).  I also got some quality time with my Andrew too, AND got to document it (don't hold your breath that you will ever see him again in my pictures).  I got to be a proud teacher and see one of my own use her talent and passion (that is such a wonderful thing).  But most of all I got my money's worth out of that As Seen on TV Magic Bullet.  Wow Andrew in pictures and a As Seen on TV success...I should go buy a lottery ticket.

More Later

- A Ro


  1. Y'know, I have so looked at those Magic Bullets several times and your P365 has done a better job of almost convincing me to get one than the commercials. LOL!

    Hope you have a good week and that Bella is feeling better!

  2. I love my Magic Bullet! My 18 year old never wants to be in my blog photos's. I can still con the 15 year old into it sometimes.

    Have a great week,

  3. I am in SHOCK!! Not only TWO pictures of your son but you can see his face in BOTH!!! woot!

    I need to get my magic bullet out this week for sure!

  4. Or not, because you know your luck will run out eventually :)

    Sorry you had sickness sneak it's way through your family this week but glad to hear you didn't catch it.

  5. I tried to do the scavenger hunt post but failed. I only got the fog picture, but I used it for my 365 so hey it worked!

    The beverage picture turned out great and I also like the pictures of your husbands old toys, so fun.

  6. Bella is a tough cookie, isn't she?! I love that she has a passion and drive to stay committed to her responsibilities...good girl:)
    My boys are NOT camera shy...I think sometimes they jump in front of the camera. This may change with age though, you think?
    I would love to know how to made those chocolate shakes...yum, yum!!!!

  7. That is so incredibly awesome that you got to see a former student perform!
    Bella is one tough cookie to be so determined when she can hardly stand up! Hope she's better!

  8. LOL -- Definitely get that lottery ticket!

    Not only do you have photos of Andrew, but they're really good ones without hands hiding his face or blurry-moving-out-of-camera-range action :)

    Sorry Bella wasn't feeling good -- hope she's all better!

    Have a wonderful week!

  9. Poor Bella... hope she is doing 'much' better now. And we got to see your son. yay! ;) We love our Magic Bullet, too. Which shake do you use? We love Jay Robb's Whey. Yummy.

  10. Wow - & they're GOOD pictures of Andrew! Maybe he's growing out of the picture hating phase? That Bella is amazing - I never HAD to go to school. Although I did get stressed if I thought was going to get behind on homework - I was a pretty good student back in those days.

  11. Getting some quality time with a child is so nice...especially as they grow more and more out of the needing mom phase. I hate that.
    I have always wanted a magic bullet. Hmmm. Maybe my next purchase.

  12. Hoping Bella is feeling fun being sick. Our magic bullet bit the bullet :( it was so great. I will prob have to go and get another one...loving the straws in your shakes too!