Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend Highlight Reel

Bella said it best today..."Why did this weekend go so fast??"

you said it sistah...
I think every weekend goes too fast, but she is right this one went by pretty quickly.  We kept pretty busy and had a lot of are some highlights.

1.  Went to see Green Hornet, very funny movie.  Bella went too and it was almost too action packed for her...just warnin' you all with 10 year olds.  Andrew even went with us...yeah I know...a 15 year old going out to a movie with his family.  No he was fever or delirium.  It helped that we went to his favorite restaurant before hand.  The way to a teenage heart is through his stomach...ha ha.

2.  Missed my workout on Wednesday...due to lame-o excuse that my ipod wasn't charged.  I simply cannot do cardio with nothing to listen to.  I know lame-o.  So I decided to do an hour of elliptical on Saturday morning to make up for legs were a little shaky.  Teach me to use a lame-o excuse ever again.

3.  We happened to be following a young couple with three small children around Target.  The conversation went something like this:

Him:  Oooh honey I think we need to get some of these pitchers.
Her:  Well dear we really have a lot of pitchers that we don't really use.
subtext: You wouldn't know where the pitchers were if they all fell on your head.

Him:  Oooh honey I think we need to get some more sponges.
Her:  Not really we have a bunch under the sink
subtext:  Now how the heck would you know if we needed sponges

Him:  Oooh honey this is a really good deal on granola bars.
Her:  Not really I usually get them at the market for much cheaper.
subtext:  Next time...take the kids...leave the husband

Rich and I have it worked out perfectly.  I make list.  I forget list.  He pushes cart. He tries to remind me of what was on the original list.   See perfection.

4.  The Thousand Oaks Library has a puffer fish that is, according to Bella, named Harold.

This fish acutally looked like it was smiling...

5.  The duck pond near the park have attack ducks.

As we walk up...
...they suddenly attack.  I try to explain that I don't have bread crumbs because we weren't planning on stopping to see the ducks, but since Bella loves animals she begged us to stop "just for a minute" even though it was spitting rain.  Clearly they didn't buy my excuses.

6.  Coffee houses in Santa Monica are not for the "older" crowd...and when I mean older I mean Rich and I.  They are very crowded and the workers are a little...lets just say...put out when they need to make your vanilla latte sugar free, non fat, and decaf.  I should have known it was going to be trouble when they were wearing t-shirts that said death before decaf.

7.  When Bella is promised a cinnamon roll at Corner Bakery (as payment for having to spend her Sunday morning in the car carting her brother around),  and they are out of cinnamon rolls, oatmeal is her second choice.  Yeah...oatmeal at Corner Bakery would never even have been in my top ten choices if I were ten and couldn't have a cinnamon roll...I think it falls right behind the double blueberry muffin and right before the grits. 

8.  When Bella is promised a treat for being drug around to all of our Saturday morning errands, she picks Cream of Broccoli soup.  Yeah...Cream of Broccoli Soup would never even have been in my top ten choices
if I were ten and promised a treat...I think it falls right behind the Hershey's with Almonds and right before the grits.

9.  I love having my kids with me for the weekend even if it means being a mom taxi and buying Cream of Broccoli soup...

...oh and don't forget being chased by ducks.

More Later

- A Ro


  1. Ha-love that broccoli youngest used to order creamed spinach at Boston Market...they'd always ask if she was sure that was the side she wanted? Had she tried it? At that age I'd have totally gone for the mac and cheese!

  2. Bella is such a hoot. But I don't understand your unnatural dissing of the glorious grits. Really? :)