Sunday, April 12, 2009

Just Call Me Grace

Well it happened...I knew it would, hoped it wouldn't, but knowing me... was inevitable.

I fell running this morning. I was entering the sixth mile of my run. I was coming to a dreaded stoplight, the stoplight was red so I was slowing down, but then it turned green and I started speeding up. The speed adjustment and the curb didn't agree with me and down I went. I fell...

...bit the dust
...ate dirt
...went boom boom
...took a header
...ate pavement...good fiber
...went ass over appetite (that was my dad's favorite)
...I've fallen and I can't get up

I think you get the picture, but in case you didn't here are some pictures (thank you Andrew and Bell for taking the pictures)

Now I must warn you there is a little blood involved in these pictures...and I am not posting them to gross you out, I am posting them to document the klutz that I am.

My I hit my head blood went everywhere...and I had to use my shirt to stop the bleeding as I walked home. I am certain people driving by me thought I was a walking crime scene...however no one stopped to see if I was OK, except for the guy who saw me fall...and got out of his car to help me up and to tell me that I was bleeding, to which I replied "I know"...I didn't have much to say except "I live close" "Thanks for stopping to help me"

Here is my gaping head wound, and as you can see the small goose egg above it...the one thing I was thinking as I walked home was boy that's going to leave a mark. As I was walking I was sure that the entire side of my face was you know it always seems worse until you get a good look at it...I wonder if I need stitches??? I hate that mole, by the way.
my road rash
the goose egg on my left knee

my hands...these hurt the most

As I was walking home I called GS, who was already at work, he switched hours and I was so happy. This meant he could be here for Easter dinner and the Easter egg hunt. However, he wasn't at home to nurse my wounds. I almost didn't call him because I didn't want to worry him and I knew there was nothing he could do about it from work...

...well at least that was what I thought. He definitely earned his GS standing. He was appropriately worried, appropriately caring, appropriately encouraging, and stayed on the phone with me until I got home. He also understood my grief when I exclaimed (in tears) "I didn't even get to finish my run"

...OK maybe I am a true runner


More Later


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