Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Santa Monica

This is why I hate Los Angeles...three digit concrete paths to hell...

But this is one of the reasons I love Los Angeles....Santa Monica.

GS and I had the day off on the last Friday of my spring kids, no work, nice day...SANTA MONICA. We love the third street promenade. It is a street in downtown Santa Monica that is closed off to traffic and has really neat shops and restaurants. It is also close to the pier...

The only problem with going to Santa Monica have to drive on the freeways to get there. Thankfully GS drove...which doesn't mean I don't get uptight, just not AS uptight. GS is a very calm and cool headed driver...I atribute this to his air traffic controll skills. I mean if you can keep several airplanes from colliding you surely can navigate the freeways of would hope.

It was a nice day...a little chilly and when I mean chilly I mean low 70's

...I know my sense of weather is skewed.

We walked around went to a few stores and a book store, and then went to Hudsons...a really good restaurant by the promenade. We decided to take each other's pictures...
Here is GS...

Here is my makeup less self...I had a makeup for spring break.
What I should have taken a picture of was the good. I had the veggie burger and it was the size of my head...and you have seen my head. Ok Ok...I can't remember what GS had...I was too busy basking in the glory of my head sized veggie burger...maybe GS will remember.

After dinner we went to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. I was excited to get my new favorite drink the Over Iced Tea Latte...Toffiee Rooibos. we were sitting there outside on the patio we noticed this beautiful dog and his owner standing just over the rail. Now I was looking at the dog and GS was looking at the guy...He said to me that he looked familiar I thought so too, but it wasn't until he told me who he thought it was that I said "Oh Yeah...that could be him"

Now GS's co-worker knew who it was almost immediately...not sure how...this camera phone picture is not very good...although the lovely lady in it is one hot mama. Do you know who it is?

Not the hot mama...the guy behind the hot mama...geez.

Now we got a good look at his really hot allbeit fake parts girlfriend...So we went home and looked up the guy we thought it was, and we were right. The reason we knew we were right was because we totally recognized his fake parts girlfriend...It was Jose Canceco. Kinda fun...

...actually I could care less...not celeb crazy.
I do, however, love people watching...just love it, and Santa Monica is a good place to people watch. There are "performers" all over the promenade, and when I mean performers I mean people who can do something unusual. There is a guy who makes himself all silver. Silver clothes, hair and makeup. He does so me sort of dancing...quite frankly...he totally creeps me out. Then you have the various acrobats...singers...guitarists...and magicians. I really don't like to stop and be the "crowd"...but they facinate me. Do they really make money at this? Do they have other jobs? Are they just everyday people who could be your neighbors?

...I just hope the silver guy doesn't live next to me...

More Later

-A Ro

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