Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Last night was the first night that I didn't have my kids during this spring break. Now I absolutely adore my kids, I love hanging out with them. They are fun and entertaining, and I really do miss them when they are gone.


I sometimes can't wait to have sometime without them. I know that is a luxury that most moms don't get...and I don't recommend going through what I went through to get it...

...there must be a better way....and a cheaper way too, I might add.

Anyway I thought I'd share the last 24 hours without my kidlets.

Andrew went with his dad on Monday night so they could watch the final four game know manly stuff...(truth be told I am a huge sports fan, but that final four game was not for they can have it)...So Bella, GS, and I watched our all time favorite show Chuck...I just LOVE Chuck. If you haven't seen it, I'd say go watch it, but it might be too late for this season...anyway great show.

I took Bella to her dads yesterday and then did the following things:

1. Walked around the mall without hearing "Mom, do we HAVE to go into THIS store", or the blackmail tactic "OK I'll look at clothes if we get to go to the video game store next"...I was very happy spent two of my gift cards and got a pair of new shoes, and some makeup brushes...if my kids were there I would have come away with nada.

2. Stopped at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf on the way home for my Pure Vanilla no sugar added blended drink and spending only $3.50 instead of $11.00 when we are all together. BTW the lady, or should I say young girl, who made my drink was upset about something, bitching and moaning the entire time she made my drink and then slammed it on the counter without a word...OK I don't care how upset you are if your job is customer service you need get a hold of yourself and at least smile at me and say SOMETHING nice...geez.

3. Drove home with a constant brain freeze...I just can't drink or eat anything slowly...this why I always have a brain freeze, or a burnt mouth...patience...I know...this is also why I can't lose any more weight...instant's the way I roll.

4. This is the best part...I got home and started dinner for GS and I. Now usually I have to fix what GS and I will eat which is full of veggies and good food and modify the dinner for the kidlets...they are both picky eaters in their own obscure way (it would be too easy for them to be picky eaters in the SAME way). BUT tonight I just cooked for me and GS. I made a Southwestern Shrimp chowder...a recipe from Cooking Light, and spinach sandwiches, a recipe from my ex mother in law. A very yummy, healthy dinner for GS and myself and a very nightmarish dinner for my kidlets...but oh yeah...they weren't home.

5. GS and I went and ran office, bank, frozen yogurt...and we were in no hurry...cause once kids.

6. I went to bed early and did not have to get up at any particular time to fix hungry children breakfast.

7. Got up at my leisure...went for my run...and now am sitting down to the computer to do whatever I want...and I don't have to share it with a fantasy baseball following son, or a Webkinz playing girl...all mine...I say all mine. To blog, facebook, or whatever I darn well please.

8. And soon I am going to fix myself a bowl of leftover goodness...and without the smell of chicken nuggets in the air.

ahhh life is good...

...and I can't wait for them to come home.

More later

-A Ro

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