Saturday, April 11, 2009

Baking with Bella

It seems to me that whenever Bella and I are bored we bake. I know not a very smart activity for a woman who is trying to shed the last 15 pounds...especially one who loves buttercream frosting oh so much.

Well Bella and I made flower sugar cookies:

I know it looks like radioactive cookies...maybe a little too much food coloring.

And we made these ADORABLE cake pops. They are in the shapes of chicks, bunnies, and Easter case you couldn't tell. They are a cake/frosting middle with a chocolate coating. I got the idea from a blogger called Bakerella. I would be able to link her site to mine if I would just finish the book I bought:
This is how they turned out...

Tooo darn cute...I mean look at the rear end of that bunny...

We had so much fun...well Bella and I had fun for about the first 20 or so...but after that I was just was hoping the fun would end.

...especially when Bella yelled "I'm goin' outside call me when you are done"....60 cake pops...

...sounded like a real good number at 10:00 am...not so much at 4:30 pm.

Thankfully GS was off that day and helped clean up the ENORMOUS mess. And took us out to Reds BBQ for dinner...YEA GS and REDS!!!!!

This was Bella's favorite one...she liked it because it had a crack on the backside that looked like a butt...I decided, wisely, not to post a picture.

...The apple didn't fall too far from the tree I tell you.

She named it Mr. Puff Puff. It is the only one left in the Styrofoam block. If I didn't intervene Mr. Puff Puff would sit there until he rotted. I'll have to start thinking now of a believable excuse for why he is gone. Once attached she won't give in...or forget.

...I wonder if my therapist takes kids...

More Later

- A Ro

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