Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Big Garage Cleanout

So last Friday was the day. The day the garage got cleaned out...we paid our $100 for the big dumpster...and by big I mean...not so big. Geez for $100 bucks I expected dumpster valet service...this is what we got...

But as you can see...we know how to stuff junk.

GS and I were totally psyched to clean out this garage...we talked about it for days...couldn't wait for the dumpster to be delivered. Friday came and we were ready...

As you can see I am so makeup...just ran 4 miles...don't care...

GS with a big ready to go smile.

Big ready to clean the first picture was after I drug a bunch of crap into the middle of the really not a fair "before" picture but I forgot to take a real "before" picture.

...I know that you are thinking...a true "blogger" would have taken a real "before" picture.

...did I mention how excited I was to get started.

Isabella got all dressed with shoes and a sweatshirt...when she has shoes and a sweatshirt you know she is in for the long haul......she was a huge help, and only a few times did she say...PLEASE don't throw that arch of cows is beautiful...we must keep it. So here it sits...beautiful. At least she didn't pitch a fit when we threw away the Buzz Lightyear sleeping bag, or the bag of stuffed animals...oh wait she doesn't know about those...never mind.

Anyway...I did sit and look at the mess, and the hardest part was deciding where to start. GS started outside where we had shelves...big metal shelves. We (and when I say we I mean my ex husband) got the shelves from a friend who was closing down a store...this was one of those moments when we (he) should have said "no thank you" when our friend asked us if we (he) wanted three tons of metal shelves. But no...we (he) thought...hey they are free, of course we (he) will use them. Well the free shelves went into the $100 dumpster...the moral of the story is my friends...just say no. (Ok, ok...he can't take all the blame...I did sit by and let him do it...)

I started in the garage armed with a broom and new work gloves...started by the door to the house...logical place to start since I was indecisive...threw away at least three old mops...what is it about mops? Why do we keep the old mop when we get a new one?....more importantly why is it so darn hard to find a mop head replacement?

...but I digress...just as I did in the garage. I must have attention deficit disorder. I just kept jumping from area to area...first the sports equipment area...then the laundry area....then the storage area. Reminiscing over every old photo album.

...I know, I know they shouldn't be in the garage...and now they aren't ok...geez

I found Andrew's old school work, my yearbooks. GS, I am sure, got very tired of hearing..."Hey come look at this"... Surprisingly we got it all done. GS came in and worked hard on the tool shed and finally got everything put in its proper place...and let me tell you the world is a better place when things are in their proper place.Is California the only place where people have their washer and dryer in their garage??

There is still quite a bit of stuff in the garage, but now at least I a) know where most everything is, b) can do laundry without having to move a half dozen things first, c) get into the cars in the garage instead of having to pull out first d) don't have to worry about emergency room visits because of black widow spider bites just to get the soccer ball out of the bin, and e) hammer nails into the walls with the heel of my shoe because I can't find a hammer (c'mon ladies you know EXACTLY what I mean) is good, there is harmony in the universe, and only two black widow spiders lost their lives for the good of the cause...ewwww.

More Later

- A Ro

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