Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Fun ala Grandpa Mike

I have been thinking about my Dad a lot today.  He died in 2003 of a sudden heart attack.  I was living in California, and to say the least, the news was devastating.  Even though I lived so far away we were a constant in each others lives.  We talked almost daily and in fact we had talked the night before he died.  I tried to convince him to go to the doctor because he had been feeling ill, but like most men he didn't want to go. 

But mostly our conversation was about the ventriloquist act Willie Tyler and Lester. 

Didn't see that coming did ya??

I had just found out that our neighbor was Willie's twin brother.  I KNEW my Dad would love to know that tidbit of information and called him right up...and yep he thought that was pretty cool.

We had the kind of relationship that always left nothing unsaid.  We always ended each conversation with an I love you, and usually some sort of warning, like "now Amy remember that you don't want your gas tank to sit on Empty too long" or "I sure hope that you are ready for that BIG's coming soon you know"

I was most certainly Daddy's little girl.

So today I received some pictures from sister in law today that just caused me to smile real big. 

My nephew had entered his first pinewood derby contest with the Boy Scouts.  Thankfully for Tyler, a) my Dad passed down his love for wood working to his son and b) he isn't my son because I didn't get those genes.  
Like Father Like Son Like Son (and daughter)
 Yeah...Sister-In-Law has always been a BIG Steelers Fan

Yes Tyler, Grandpa Mike is very proud of you!!

Thanks Dad. (and to all those other Dads, both living and gone, for loving your kids so much, it really does make a difference in the next generation)

More Later

- A Ro


  1. How wonderful to have shared a life with such a dad. (((hugs))) to you! You may want to take a peek at me bloggy today. ;)

  2. I remember when our boys were that age and entering their cars.
    I thought it was so much fun.
    It was lots of work for Dad & boys, but fun!