Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A True Hodgepodge

It is time for the weekly Hodgepodge hosted by Joyce at From This Side of the Pond.  Head on over to her blog and see what it is all about and play along...c'mon you know you want to!!

Here is my go at it.

1. Did you know there is a National Day of pretty much everything in the universe? February 23 happens to be National Inconvenience Yourself Day...when was the last time you were inconvenienced?
I am inconvenienced every time I get on the freeway and deal with other drivers.  But in the grand scheme of things I have many conveniences so I really shouldn't complain...but when has THAT stopped me :)

2. When a room in your house needs painting who does the job?
Well we just moved into a new place and just got married...so haven't had that discussion yet, but I would bet money on the fact that we would BOTH do it together...we are a pretty good team on all other chores so I can't imagine this being any different...right honey??

3. Are you friends with your cousins?
I am the oldest of my four siblings and the next two siblings are older than any of our cousins PLUS we live very far away from each other...so we are Facebook friends and enjoy getting together when we get the chance...friends?? you be the judge.

4. Do you use an alarm clock? If yes-is it an actual alarm, music, or something else?
I am an alarm clock wake up freak.  I need to be able to hit snooze three times before I wake up so my actual alarm clock does that job...and it is a buzzer.  My phone takes care of the last one then I know it is time to wake up.  So lets review...alarm clock set at 3:50...hit snooze at 3:50, 4:00, and 4:10...my phone rings at 4:15 and I am out of bed.

I am such a diva...

5. What do you put ketchup on?
I put ketchup on hamburgers and french fries...needless to say I don't use very much ketchup.

6. What smells make you nostalgic?
Drakkar Noir reminds me of high school...hot apple cider reminds me of my Mom's house...and Warm Vanilla Sugar reminds me of Rich...I wear it everyday so he is on my mind a lot...ahhhh.

7. Have you heard about the high school English teacher recently suspended as a result of some things she wrote in her personal blog? You can read the story here but in a nutshell she vented a lot of frustration onto her blog. She didn't mention individual students by name but she did make some harsh comments about kids in general and their parents.

What are your thoughts-If you're a parent is your child's teacher online and are you 'friend' or 'follower' there? If you're a teacher are you on facebook and do you accept or friend students on fb? How about their parents? If you're a student are you friends with your current or former teachers online? Do any of them have blogs you read? If you're a teacher or a parent do you ever use your blog as a place to vent your frustrations with our educational system? So much to discuss...

OK...here goes...
With the exception of one person my childrens teachers are not my friends on Facebook.
I am a teacher and I only friend FORMER students.  It is a running joke...most of my seniors friend me on graduation day.
I am friends with a few choice parents.
I really don't use my blog to vent any job frustrations...I am truly blessed to have the job and the students I have and really have nothing (for the most part) to vent about.

I think teachers have such the higher standard to have to live by...it is a hard blurry line that we must not cross, but if we truly live by standards that we would want our students to live by we'll keep on the right side of that line.

8.  In Summary:  I wished I had a funnier answer to number 7...kinda ended this hodgepodge on a soapbox...sorry.  I live a life of convenience, with a very wonderful partner who puts up with my alarm clock craziness (amoung other things) and I have a great job that I love but can empathize with frustrated teachers...and thankfully ketchup will not be a Costco purchase for me!!

More Later 

- A Ro


  1. Hiya fellow teacher!! I hit my snooze button many times before getting up. It goes off at 5am. I usually don't crawl out of bed until 5:45, with each snooze letting me drift off for another ten minutes. So sad to think I hit that button four times!!!

    Totally agree with your #7. I love my students (most days) and cannot imagine putting them down in such a way as that other teacher did.


  2. I'm with ya on the boundaries with blogging and Facebook. I was interested to see what you wrote about that question, since you are a teacher.

  3. Why am I not surprised that y'all would paint together? :D

  4. I love that you always seem positive about your job. I'm sure you don't always feel that way but on here you come across as someone who truly enjoys what they do.

  5. I'm shocked you have to wake up so early...4am??? My gosh that's practically LAST NIGHT!!

  6. Teachers do live to a different standard, I agree. As professionals, I believe we need to act professionally.

  7. You must be worn out by the time you get out of bed!!!

    You get up WAY TOO EARLY!!

  8. Enjoyed reading all your answers. My husband hits the snooze, I just don't get it. Alarm goes off you get up!

  9. let me know how the painting works out. that seems to be my job around here. which is why it's taking for.e.ver. ha.

    ahhh! my hub's snooze button drives. me. batty. :p of course, if i had to get up that early i would be batty anyway. wow, girl. impressive.

    well spoken answer to #7. :)

  10. Finally - someone who abuses snooze more than I do! Two snoozes are the limit for me - and mine are at 8 minute intervals (why?).

    I'm glad I don't live near you because then I
    would be craving pastries all day - mmm warm vanilla sugar!