Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekend (or Lack There of) Highlight Reel

Not sure who I can complain to, but I feel downright cheated!!  Now I  knew this was coming but as I sit here writing this post I really feel like there is no way I should be going to work tomorrow.  Now what is all this complaining about you ask???

Rich and I both worked 75% of this weekend. 

Rich worked midnight to 6:00 am ops both Friday and Saturday night.  I worked at my schools honors music festival Friday night and Saturday until 6:00 pm.

It looked something like this:  Friday day I worked Rich had off.  Friday night I cam home around 10:00 pm and two hours later Rich went to work.  I woke up Saturday and went back to school and came home after the concert and had a few precious hours with Rich and he went to work.  Sunday he woke up about noon and we both tried to get everything done in about 6 hours that we normally do all weekend.

Quite frankly...I am exhausted.

Quite frankly...I want another weekend.

And no I wouldn't like some cheese with my wine.

Here are some highlights:

1.  Got to meet Joe Torre.  I KNOW that should TOTALLY make up for my having to work!!!  His daughter sang in the honors choir and he was at the concert.  I got to work with her in sectionals and she is a very nice young lady.  Andrew will now marry her.  I will arrange it all.

2.  I had a complete ephiphany regarding my job as a choral music teacher because of the amazing conductor the choir had at this festival.  It consists of me quitting my job and joining the circus.  The amazing things this man got a choir of 56 to do in about 24 hours takes me and my choir of 32 6 weeks to accomplish. 

maybe I'll cut myself some slack and just steal some of his ideas and keep trudging along...not sure that I am cut out for circus life.

3.  I know that me and my spleen-less self have been bragging that I never get sick so I almost hate to admit that I think I am coming down with a little something.  Headache, scratchy throat, sinus pressure...yep if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck...its a duck.

4.  The word study guide is now a curse word in my house.  It causes tears and gnashing of teeth, not to even mention what it does to my poor Bella.  When you take that cute little bundle of joy home from the hospital you fail to fully realize how you will need to relive, over and over, each of your worst days in elementary, middle, and high school.  I haven't even gotten to the mending the first broken heart yet...sigh... what I would give to get back those sleepless nights of infancy. 

ok maybe it isn't THAT bad.

5.  Super Bowl - Great comercials, crappy-don't-know-the-words-national-television-even-though-I-am-a-professional-singer-and-getting-paid-barrels-of-money- national anthem, and a pretty good game which has caused much sadness in my brothers household.  NOT to mention that my tivo-ed Glee episode is going to be cut off by 15 minutes due to the need to interview each and every sweaty overpaid athelete and listen to them prattle on about God, country, and honor none of which have anything to do with football.

OK done

6.  Sitting for 90 minutes and watching our honors festival concert holding Rich's hand after having not seen him for the better part of last week and this weekend made me appreciate him all that much more.

Now if he could only pull some strings and get me some weekend back so I could vacuum my house that would be great.

More later

- A Ro


  1. Although I'm a Yankees hater I never had anything against Joe :)

    This is probably going to make you crazy, but every time I plan to vacuum we get more snow so it seems a total waste of time. And I know that somehow that logic is flawed, but I'm going with it because I HATE TO VACUUM. I'm now scheduled to do it tomorrow night. Heh.

  2. Speaking of joining the circus: one of the teachers at one of my schools used to work for the circus. She taught the circus people's kids. Hmmmm...

  3. I don't know why contemporary singers feel the need to embellish the National Anthem. She is a fabulous singer. Just sing it the way it was written. It was not written for runs, etc. I think if it is sung the way its written you'll remember the words. She did apologize for the wording errors but why did she have to make it all about Christina in the song style...its The National Anthem for crying out loud.

  4. My vote... You should have a weekend re-do, and it can't be a duck!! ;) Music and congestion just don't mix well. Hope you are feeling better soon!