Saturday, February 12, 2011

Project 365 Week 7

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It is week 7 of Project 365 and we are fast approaching the half way mark of February.  This means two things to me at the moment 1)Valentine's Day is around the corner...woohoo and 2) my spring concert is creeping up on me...YIKES.

For now I am happy to post the pictures of my week...enjoy!!

Sunday February 6:
Costco for Lunch

Bella was complaining because we were dragging her to Costco.  She had never been before and, well, lets just say now she would like to buy a tent and camp out right next to the 10 gallon jugs of pickles.  It was the endless supply of free samples that got her hooked.  She was at 11 samples by the time we left.  She had a blast.

Monday February 7:

My New Obsession

OK, I am such a word nerd, (or at leas a fan of 3 and 4 letter words...ha ha.)  Words with Friends AND  Each itouch obsession can be squarely blamed on Andrew...all his fault.

Tuesday February 8:
Cutie Bella

Forgot to take a picture today so tonight I was looking around and this picture of Bella when she was 3 years old and it just struck I snapped this one for today.  She is holding a heart that says "I Love You".  Break my heart!!

Wednesday February 9:
Bella Got Her Some 10 Bucks!!

Nana's Valentine's box came today (sorry Mom I thought we got it Friday but then I looked back at my pictures)...Bella loves getting surprises from Nana and she can't wait to give out the cute Valentines to her classmates.  She will more than likely save the money...that is just the way she rolls.  Andrew got some money too.  Thanks Nana!!!

Thursday February 10:
Hello Old Friends

I broke these bad boys out today for my workout.  I really like to spin, but for some reason I haven't done it for awhile...maybe too busy running.  It felt good and I got a good workout.

Friday February 11:
Coffee House

Tonight was our school's Coffee House.  It is sort of an open mic night.  They set up tables, bean bag chairs and lava lamps and we get to hear all sorts of talent, from singers to poets.  My wonderful student Katharine (hi Katharine) took this picture and I love it.  Andrew played bass in the "house band" which provided music between the acts.  I actually got a picture of him so I'll post that tomorrow on my weekend wrap up post.  We had a great time.

Saturday February 12:
Beauty Salon

Bella wanted her nails painted for Valentine's Day so mama did her best impression of a beautician and Bella got some blue nails with pink hearts. 

In Summary:  It seems like this week was a lot of object pictures.  We worked out, got some surprises, had a wonderful night out supporting my amazing students, and Bella found a new hang out spot in Costco.  In my book this was a great week!!

More Later

- A Ro


  1. I haven't played Boggle on my I need any more word addictions? I have an app called jumbline and its fun and a bit like Boggle. I love WWF...I'm at JoDaley.

  2. For a moment there, I thought it was actually a dog holding the $10 (can I blame that on no coffee yet?)

    Look like a great week. Love the discovery of Costco and the wonders that it holds :).

  3. Oh the Coffee House sounded awesome. Our church used to do one on Sunday night. The tables would be all decked out like a coffee house from the 60's and the music was wonderful. I loved it. Bella's nails were great. Do you take appointments? What is spinning? I play Words with Friends name is BRHSTEACH....add me and I would love to play with you sometime. I love boggle too....and I play Qwerty (Scrabble type game) on Pogo Games too. I love word games.

  4. We have Sam's here and I love all the samples!!!

    my son has his mid winter concert Tuesday night, so between that and all state it is a big week!

    love the nails!!!

  5. we have a Costco here but I've never been. sounds like i need to check it out!

  6. It looks like a great week. You posts always make me smile!

    Hugs & love,

  7. Cute nails! I don't think I could paint the little hearts...

    We can't go to Costco or Sam's Club - it's just too tempting & our house is too small :)

  8. Ah samples.... gotta love warehouse stores!

    You did great with the nails. I couldn't have painted those hearts. I use decals instead.

  9. Love those mother daughter moments over nail polish!

    Good Stuff!