Monday, January 6, 2014

Back to Reality

(got this as soon as we landed these silly girls)

So funny how things work.  I dreaded this day back on December 20th when I started my vacation.  I knew this day would come when we all had to go back to "reality".  I am sitting here and thinking to isn't too bad!!  It is all about perspective.  I decided that each day I am going to try to enjoy every moment, vacation or not.

I did that during my vacation to try to make it seem longer, and it really worked.  I can remember many many moments because I chose to focus on them.

However, this attitude was particularly hard yesterday when I faced a house full of Christmas decorations, piles of laundry, empty refrigerator, and finals looming for the Bella girl.  Then I changed my attitude rolled up my sleeves and dug in.  Rich was on board, he knows me all too well, and we got it done.  I didn't relax once yesterday, but most of my house is back in working condition.

This morning I got to ride into school with Andrew at the wheel (he is still back from AZ), Bella looking so cute in her new sweater from my sister Kate, and me looking forward to seeing all of my wonderful students.

Each moment...a true blessing.

Thanks to all of you blogger friends who put smiles on my face and I look forward to catching up with you soon.

I'll leave you with some memorable pictures from our break.

Missing Tyler, but such a cute cousin's picture!!

Happy and delirious might have been worth the hours of vacuuming up the confetti??

More Later

-A Ro


  1. I think it is pretty common to be overwhelmed when we get back from vacation. I love being away and it takes me a few weeks to adjust to things again. One day at a time....

  2. Reality: NOOOOO!!! Thankfully, due to the weather, I don't have to face it in its entirety yet!