Sunday, January 19, 2014

Project 365 Week 3

Project 365 on the go today. Here is a peek at my week. And as promised more human photos!!

Sunday January 12

Andrew's last night called for a family game of uno. This picture took about 5 takes. Crazy family.

Monday January 13

Bella's selfie right before finals began.

Tuesday January 14

I subscribe to ipsy. It is a company that sends you a pack of beauty products for $10 a month. It is always fun to get a treat once a month. This month was mostly cleanser products.

Wednesday January 15

Came home and danced. This is my fitbit readout.

Thursday January 16

Bella and I went to lunch. She went back to get a soda and got the senior discount. Boy it seems only yesterday she was a teenager.

Friday January 17

Out to eat with my guy. Love him.

Saturday January 18

Bella went to the LA Art Show. Right up her alley!!

What was your week like???

More later

-A Ro
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  1. You've been keeping busy! Love the pictures.

  2. Hey, *I* don't even get the senior discount & I'm almost 50! I'm glad she survived her exams :)

    I used to LOVE to subscribe to stuff like ipsy, but my skin gets annoyed if I try new things these days. It's gotten persnickety in its old age :(