Friday, January 3, 2014


I got this cool cup in my stocking this year. It is the cup that you can take to Starbucks each day in January and get a drip coffee for free. I love my morning joe so I am glad to have it.

I am still in Iowa and the Starbucks situation is very different than in CA and it might just be a good thing. They don't have very many and they all close before 8:00 pm. So I have been carrying my cup around because I want to get the best use of my "free" coffee.

We were in downtown Des Moines yesterday at a really cool t-shirt shop (more on that later) and found a Starbucks. The lady who helped us was super nice and noticed I had a rewards card. She asked me if I wanted her to ring up our orders separately so I could get more stars. No one in CA would have ever suggested that. (And if it wasn't 9 degrees at the time I might have had another I-want-to-move-back-here-thought)

Now I realize some of you think that Starbucks is an evil empire and I somewhat tend to agree. In my defense I do frequent my local coffee shop in Simi A LOT so I don't feel too bad.

Headed to the mall on our last day here with said cup in tow hoping to get another days use out of my cup.

I'll leave you with two pictures I love from our trip.

The in laws.

The sibs

Love these guys and will miss them terribly.

More later

- A Ro

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  1. It's nice to see you here : ) Pretty sure we're the only town in America without a Starbucks, although the town a couple over from us have two, so it's available. Happy New Year from balmy NJ-we're at 10 degrees here today and up to our knees in snow. Very pretty though!

  2. That's an awesome cup. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time and stay warm!

  3. I checked out those cups, but they are WAAAAY expensive & I couldn't justify the cost for a few free drinks in January. Somebody did great giving you that gift! :)