Monday, January 6, 2014

Project 365 - Week One

OK so I did this a few years back and really enjoyed it.  But par for the blogging (or lack there of ) course I didn't finish.  But I love taking pictures and love sharing my life with my fam that is far away so I'll try to keep it up.

However, I didn't know if the Project 365 was even still going, but then I spied Bug's post and saw that at least someone was keeping up the tradition.  She has some really great pics so head on over there and give her some kudos.

Usually this is posted on Saturday, but for lots of reasons Saturday didn't happen for me so this will be posted today.  I'll try to find someone to link this up to so you can go look at everone else's week in pictures.  If not here are mine at least.

OK here goes.

Cold Andrew on the porch with cold cows right behind.


Making good use of my new Starbucks cup.


More cold cows...everything was cold this week.


On the way home, very silly girls!!'

More Later

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  1. Yeah we just fizzled out after Sara decided not to host. Momma Fran did it this past year, but by the end it was just Rita, me & Amy (Momma Fran) doing it & she decided not to continue. I would have taken over, but my blogging has been pretty sporadic too. Sigh.

    Anyway, I'm SO GLAD you're going to participate this year! Looking forward to some warmer weather pictures next week - I need to live vicariously through you guys for a while :)