Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Oh to Have a Four Year Old Again

So once again it feels like a Monday but it truly is a Tuesday which just puts me closer to the weekend than I think...yeessss

We were back at it today as it is the first day of the second semester around these parts.  Bella is getting final exams back and that process is not as painful as we anticipated...phew.  I am seeing kids for the first time in weeks and that is a little painful...sigh.  They all have seem to have forgotten how to raise their hands.

I love my job and my students and I am sure by tomorrow we will be back at full steam.

My sister sent me these pictures of what fun she had on her day off yesterday with her daughter Abby.  Abby saw a YouTube video on how to make My Little Pony cupcakes.

probably shot by a woman who has no kids and way too much time on her hands as evidenced by her need to put all of the Ponies "cutie marks" made from fondant on one of the cupcakes

Thankfully Abby was in a compassionate mood and didn't insist on the fondant cutie marks.  I fear that if she did a YouTube ban would be strictly imposed at Kate's house.

Oh...the headache of the prep.
But oh that face, I am fairly certain Kate nailed the color matching.
Yep...nailed it. 

I love how she poses now with her cheek on her shoulder.  I think it is a 4 year old princess fan thing as Bella did the same thing in all of her posed pictures of 2004.

The final product.  A-mazing job Kate and Abby.

Abby sings AND likes to bake.  I think she needs to spend a significant amount of time with Aunt Amy when she grows up (or now)...whatever.

More Later

- A Ro

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  1. Yum! I want a cupcake - they're almost as cute as Abby :)

  2. Cute photos. My daughter wasn't into all the Princesses since she is older....that's a cute pose. Cupcakes came out perfect!