Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday, Monday (la laaaa la la la)

So yeah it is Monday once again and so much of what is happening in my world right now is causing me to fade into the "Mondays stink" funk.

This evening is our last night with Andrew before he heads back to college.  Tomorrow starts finals week for Bella and myself.  (Mostly Bella as she has to actually take the finals all I have to do is proctor a few).  Sarah got spacers this morning so in addition to her pesky headaches (which we are now trying food tigger elimination) she has to deal with a very sore mouth, it is really windy here today, and I didn't get to rehearse any kids today.


I am not going to succumb to the funk.  I just won't.  I am going to be thankful for all the things I have in my life.

I am thankful that I get to go home and spend the evening with the most wonderful man in the world, that the eggs benedict on the menu tonight will make all five of us happy (even the sore mouth girl), that Bella and I will be in close proximity most of the evening studying me for the pesky CBEST and her for Spanish and Social Studies (not to mention Rich offering to clean up after dinner so we can do just that), AND I am pretty sure that our coffee shop has Vanilla Cupcake flavored iced coffee still on the menu. much to be thankful for and that is just what I could think of!!

I was off the grid for most of my trip to Iowa.  Not much internet at all and what we did have was limited so I didn't have much of a chance to check out my favorite bloggers Christmas posts.  So I went back and relived my favorite time of the year with them.  It was nice to be reminded of how much I enjoyed spending time with my amazing family.  I really want to try to live in each moment  in this year.

The good, the bad, and especially the ones that I normally deem as mundane.

So in the words of Pharell.

Here come bad news talking this and that
Yeah, give me all you got, don't hold back
Yeah, well I should probably warn you I'll be just fine
Yeah, no offense to you don't waste your time
Here's why, because I'm happy

Vanilla Cupcake, here I come!!

More Later

- A Ro

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  1. Those adult kid goodbyes don't get any easier, but I think you do eventually make peace with it. There is much satisfaction in seeing the little ones you raised become interesting grown people : )