Thursday, January 16, 2014

Dancing Queen

A little backstory...I have a Fitbit One that I ABSOLUTELY love. I am an information junkie and love getting a little extra nudge to move a little more. Now this moving a little more isn't necessarily running more or working out more the Fitbit nudges you to take the stairs more, or park your car a little further out in the parking lot...

...or dance.

Confession time...I have always wanted to learn how to hip hop dance. I took some classes when I was in college, but let's be honest it was Iowa not the hip hop capital of the world.

I now often find myself watching Beyonce in awe of the way she can move and want to dance like that!!

Ok you can pick up your jaw off of the floor now.

I have a new obsession with her song Love on Top. She can really sing!! Bella and I looked up the video and I thought long and hard about my hip hop dancing skills and thought...I can learn that dance.

Well yesterday was the day. I was so sluggish when I came home I felt I needed to get my blood moving.

Then I felt that little fit bit and thought of my girl


So I found a tutorial video.

They are EVERYWHERE on YouTube. You can find a tutorial on every music video out there.

So I closed my blinds and learned the entire dance.  Every hip swirl, pop and lock.

well almost every one

And this was my fit bit jump after the 50 minute "workout" (which was more fun than work)

I actually burned about 250 calories just dancing.

OK People, dance as if no one is feels so good!!

More Later

- A Ro

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