Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday, Monday (la la la la la)

I really hope that all 6.5 of you that read my blog are getting my reference to the Mama and Papa's song in my Monday title.  It is really the best I can do.


So the big weekend news is that I am desperately trying to master all of math before my CBEST test on Thursday afternoon.  Let me tell you this is a very difficult task.  I mean c'mon I did all of this stuff at least 100 years ago.  Here is a sample question:

Now really all I can think of after reading the first two words is man I really need to workout and continuing on I think about juice.

Yeah, I am not a math person...I know this because it says it right in the elementary school section of my baby book.

I wish more questions were like this one:
I mean, seriously.

This weekend I continued on my scrap booking catch up project and we are now up to the summer of 2004. This new focus has only caused me much sorrow as now I have to look at pictures of Andrew at the age of 9 and Bella at the age of 4.  Truly heartbreaking.

Rich and I took our usual Saturday morning walk to Panera Bread for a power sandwich and about a 3 mile round trip walk.  I LOVE our walks. We have known each other a VERY long time and we still find a lot of stuff to talk about.  Love that guy.  And not just because he has TOTALLY picked up the slack while I have been trying to figure out what time the train would get into the station if it had to travel up hill both ways and it was a leap year.

We went to see some student directed One Acts at my school on Saturday night.  I have some very talented students.  Again Rich came along and it was so cute when the director of the program thanked him for coming and he said "Well she is here (pointing to me) where else would I be".  He did get dinner at Chuy's which included an amazing amount of chips and salsa and a Pacifico so...

Sunday was the usual cleaning (studying) baking cookies (studying) grilling (studying) grocery shopping (studying) biggie.

I have managed to keep my 2014 (minus 19 days) run streak going.  I actually love it and am getting faster.
I can't believe I actually said that
my brain is mush

I also got a text from my sister-in-law Michelle and she told me that the book I got Joesph for Christmas is a hit so I thought I'd share it here in case you are looking for a good book for a First Grader.  

Now mind you they read it together at night, so I am pretty sure he isn't reading it on his own.  I am also pretty sure that he is probably reading a lot of the words, as he is my nephew.

Just don't make him do Math.

More Later

- A Ro

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  1. Ha! Is the answer to the first one A? Cause really I have no clue. I always hated word problems. Give me a good old x or y any day :)

    Good for you on the running!