Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Alas, vacation is over

Well it is official Tuesday starts another year of school. For me I am in my 7th year of teaching at my current school, and Andrew starts his freshman year...YIKES!!

I can feel the hot flashes and aging already. I cannot believe my little boy is a freshman and a teenager at that. I don't have any gray hair (I don't...thank you very much) but they are a waitin' to come out I tell you.

Bella has a couple of more days as she doesn't start until Thursday...lucky girl.

I am excited about school and all the possibilities a new year brings...new students, new music, new colleagues and a whole new set of choirs I have the privilege to lead to great things. I am such a lucky person, I get to be witness to beauty...daily. I get to show my students that there are other things to life than straight A's and SAT scores. I get to teach the whole student.

So on this labor day...the last day of vacation Bella and I decided to start the year right...with creating the perfect bribe. I know what you are thinking but in this life you gotta get that little edge, that leg up on the other students. Come on how many students gave their teacher that apple on the first day of school...mine are just a little bit...cuter...sweeter...and make you go "MMMMMM" as you bite into it. I'm tellin' you these are no ordinary apples. They are Bakerella's cake pops...a goooey, chocolatey, mouthful of wonderful.

How do you like them apples??

More Later

- A Ro

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