Thursday, September 17, 2009

Its a Puzzlement

My life, these days, is full of puzzlements. It really is. I sometimes feel like I am on candid camera, but the pranks are not nearly as funny or outrageous. Here are some recent puzzlements in my life:

  • Timid shy middle school girl comes into an audition and completely changes her demeanor.
  • Out going middle school girl comes into her audition and turns into a puddle at the very thought of singing in front of anyone.
  • Little sweet middle school boy comes into his audition and sings The Rolling Stones like he has been taken over by Mick Jagger himself. What sixth grader listens to the Rolling Stones and can sing it by heart??
  • Cello playing teenager doesn't give a darn about his cello at home and for all intense and purposes seems like he could roof test it and he wouldn't care at all, goes to his audition for his youth symphony and is the only cellist who verbally celebrates his being placed 5th chair out of 16.
  • Said cellist playing like a rock star (according to his conductor) and can't get enough of this concerts repertoire.
  • Seemingly bully-ish new sixth grade boy gets put into my choir and turns out to be completely the opposite. I really should learn not to judge a middle schooler until they turn 30.
  • Worrying about my son being in my class and then having it turn out to be such a great thing. He gets it and I am so thankful to have him in the tenor section, except when he volunteers to bring in baked goods the next double block and realizing that I am his mom who will need to do the baking.
  • Having a "cool" new freshman, in front of his "cool" friends relay his absolute disappointment in not being able to put choir into his schedule.
  • Hearing my son tell GS how lucky he is that he has me to fix delicious dinners.
  • A usually very organized mom (me) not realizing it was assembly dress day.
  • Having a conversation with my son about the state of the girls in his class' clothing decisions, or should I say lack of clothing decisions and have him only laugh hysterically one time.
  • Someone actually buying the friendship pins my daughter made and is selling in my classroom for $.25 a pop.

Alright Alan Funk where are you, or is it just someone up above trying to keep me on my toes. is opposite day and Bella just didn't tell me.

OK world...I am a good sport...I'll play along...surprise me all you want...but be gentle...I am only human...

More later

- A Ro


  1. i'll send bella 25 cents in the mail for a friendship pin!!!

    and god knows i know all about forgetting assembly dress...

  2. We miss you!!! I'll send you a pin...