Thursday, September 10, 2009

Another First Day of School

Here we go again...another first day of school, this time it was Bella's turn. She is a fourth grader today!! Yipee!!
Oh alright not really a full out yipee because it really was kind of a heartbreaking morning. First of all my determined, self confident, and carefree girl was actually nervous. Not much makes my Bella nervous. She is one of the bravest girls I know...unless you are brushing her hair and then she is one giant puddle. Anyway she was actually a little uneasy. I suppose that is normal, but it made me a little sad. Not only that, but my little girl is growing up, and that is hard for any mother to take. Thankfully, unlike Andrew, we did have to put on a uniform. Our idea of picking out an outfit is close your eyes and grab a hanger from the pants side and a hanger from the shirt's that easy...thank goodness, cause there are so many other aspects of our morning that can slow us down. Like brushing our hair and gettin' out the dang door.
This is Bella outside her new classroom. It is a temporary building as our school is building a new building. Seconds before this picture was taken she said "MOM don't take a picture of me...people are watching us." She should have just slapped me in the face, it would have been less painful.
She had a wonderful day and seemed to like fourth grade and her new teacher. I was relieved to hear it. Now our only dilema is the fact that her take home binder doesn't fit into her new backpack that Nana got her for her birthday. Now mind you her backpack is plenty big, its just that the binder could hold Einsteins dissertation on relativity. I mean it is huge. They really want you to bring a smallish backpack so that it fits in the locker then they give you a take home binder that is epic...go figure. I somehow managed to squeeze it in, however the jury is still out on whether she will be able to get it out. Dang it...
On a similar note I had a great albeit exhausting day. I had four rehearsals back to back...two high school and two sixth grade. I was beat. I was efficient and got a lot done and it is days like today that I am so thankful that I have a great accompanist, she was awesome. It is almost like she can predict what I am going to do next. She has this amazing way of keeping one step ahead of me and I can't even do that. Now I just need to find an efficient way to keep track of all my music and rehearsal sheets.
...maybe I can rent some space in Bella's binder.
More Later
- A Ro

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