Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Stay in Your Pajamas Monday

Today my daughter declared yesterday "Stay In Your Pajamas Day". She announced to me that she didn't want to get dressed, and she most certainly didn't want to leave the house...(thank goodness we didn't have school due to Yom Kippur)

...except to go get ice cream...of course there are always exceptions to every rule.

I was all for the idea. Pajamas equal comfort...comfort equals happy...happy equals lay around the house all day and do nothing. See how I got there...

I got up all ready to exercise...but it was chilly and the bed was warm...but I drug my butt out of bed and got dressed...but outside the crows must have stayed up all night watching Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" 'cause they were circling and totally squaking like CRAZY. No way no how was I going to go outside and get my eyes pecked out...so I gave up on the exercise thing. I'm entitled to a lazy day...

I decided that today was the perfect day to lay in bed with Bella and watch two hours of The Price is Right. Now I have not seen the Price is Right since Drew Carey became the host. I was a big Bob Barker fan when I was home with my kidlets when they were young...but I was willing to give ole Drew a chance. I watched:
  • A man visiting from Canada win a trip to Canada. Except he had to travel from LA to Canada to use the trip.
  • A bunch of storage bins, milk crates, and stackable canvas boxes went for $800 in the bidding to get on stage. Geez I could put my entire house in storage with $800 gift certificate to Target. These buyers don't know where to shop...clearly.
  • A woman bid $26,000 for a Corvette and an entire garage makeover complete with tools, a drink fridge, an HD plasma TV. Now c'mon...use some common sense people.
  • A woman win a bar for her living room complete with Bartender Classes AND an elipitical maching complete with 10 training sessions. Hmmm drinking and exercise now that just sounds down right dangerous.

I enjoyed Drew Careys sense of humor but couldn't make myself watch the second hour. Now if they would have shown me a good game of Plinko I might have been inclined to give the second hour a chance but alas no Plinko.

I took a nap.

I talked to my friend.

I horribly burnt a pot roast in the crock pot...I think I need a new crock pot as it was on low for only 6 hours....yeah I need a new crock pot.

I almost burnt another pot roast in the oven. Can't blame that one on the oven. Did you know that there is a fine line between well done and rare??

I watched a half dozen episodes of The Suite Life on Deck and the sad part about it was I had seen them all before. This is what I get for having two kids and only two TVs.

Finally the guilt from not exercising this morning made me go out and run 3 miles before dinner.

Clearly I am not meant to be at home for any extended amount of time. It is a good thing that I can hold down a job.

More Later

-A Ro

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