Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Firecrackers Firecrackers Boom Boom Boom

Bella had her first soccer game (ever) this weekend!! Go Pink Fuchsia Firecrackers.
Could this be anymore girly? Thankfully my tomboy wanna be was OK with this name and color.

I was so proud of her...she kept saying all day how nervous she was but I could tell she was just excited.

We live close enough to the park to walk so Bella donned her pink bike helmet (and she thinks she is a tomboy) and she we scootered on over.

Well she scootered I walked...what do you think I have a death sentence? Me scootering...HA

Yes those mountains are what I get to look at everyday when I run...OK so Southern California isn't all THAT bad.

Sadly the Pink Fuchsia Firecrackers lost 0-4, but my girl did good!! She is a fast, go getter. She doesn't shy away from the ball, she runs like the wind and out ran many of the opponents. However, she didn't quite know what to do with the ball when she got it despite my son yelling over and over "BELLA DO A BICYCLE KICK". She only missed the ball twice with a kick that would have sent it far if her foot would have actually made contact. Overall a great success for my gals first soccer game. Did I mention that it was hot?
Did I mention that she didn't care?
Did I mention while all the other girls were wilting and out of gas...mine kept right on going?
Did I mention how proud I was of her?
Did I mention that I am a little crazy?
Well I am...the rest of the day I spent doing this:

I wish I had a before picture, but my crazy just made me jump right in. Please tell me that the yellow garbage ties look WAY better than a pile of cords.

Yeah I thought so too...

Wait...you were just trying to make me feel better?

Well just wait and see what I do with this mess...

Yeah I know better call my therapist...

More Later
- A Ro

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