Monday, September 28, 2009

Weekend Update

I don't have to work today...well I don't have to GO to work today, as I am sure that somehow someway some work, by me, will be done today. It is Yom Kippur so at least I have the day off and don't have to fast.

Anyway this weekend was jam usual. Here are some of the highlights.

Boy Comes Back From Camp Surf Laundry Ensues

My son was at the ninth grade retreat for the last half of last week. They take all the ninth graders to San Diego to the YMCA Camp Surf retreat (and when I say "they" I mean those teachers braver than I). They surf, they do team building exercises, they don't sleep, they loose their voices, they bring home the entire beach in their duffel bag AND their laundry somehow doubles. He had fun and learned to surf. I remembered why we don't go to the beach more often.

Go See Informant...Bring Thinking Cap

While Bella was at a sleepover, my newly acquired surfer dude, GS, and I went to see Informant. Matt Damon was so good that I forgot that it was Matt Damon. He gained weight, wore a hair piece, and was not at all the Hollywood heart throb. The movie is based on a true story, and it is a BIZARRE story at that. Bring your thinking caps because you are constantly surprised by the turn of events. It is rated R but besides some "f" bombs I can't figure out why. A-Ro gives it two thumbs up.

The Firecrackers Go Boom Boom Boom Despite Intense Heat

Give me 100 degree weather, 12:00 noon, no shade, polyester uniform, high knee socks with shin guards underneath, three quarters of running hard, and I'll give you a very grouchy, overheated, side stichin' little Pink Fuchsia Firecracker AND her equally grouchy overheated mother. However despite the torturous conditions the Pink Fuchsia Firecrackers won their game 2-0. Bella was amazing, and she almost scored twice. I was so proud of my girl. She kept on going and never gave up. It took a bath and lying around the house in her robe for 3 hours afterward to get back to her normal self, but all is good.

Good Friends Good Food and Silly Girls

My good friend and her daughter came over for dinner Saturday night. I made roasted chicken, sweet potatoes, noodles, and salad. For dessert I made chocoate chocolate chip cookie bars. It was a very enjoyable evening. There is nothing like hanging out with friends. It does the body good!!

Take Me Out to the Ballgame then Buy Me a Cardi Coat

Andrew had another fall ball "game" on Sunday morning (I put quotes around the word game because they don't keep score,


so let me get this straight...I get drug out of bed on a Sunday morning so I can go watch a baseball game where they don't keep score??? That is just un American).

Any-hoo I had to get him to the field by 7:45...yes you heard it correctly 7:45. I found that to be very un-enjoyable, but not as much as my Bella. She wanted nothing to do with it all. The only way I even got her grouchy butt to the game was to promise her that Monday could be a "stay in your pajamas day". This was before I told her that not only did we have to spend 2 hours and 15 minutes at the ball field, but we also needed to go to Old Navy AND the markets. When I say needed I meant it. Old Navy had cardi coats on sale for 1/2 off and as Old Mother Hubbard so aptly stated "the cupboards were bare". Those cold hard facts had little effect on the Bella girl and she needed an Advil to handle it all. To tell you the truth I think she was still recovering from her heat exhaustion from Saturday. I felt much better when in the frozen food isle of Trader Joes she tells me "Mom the Advil kicked in and I feel much better" Thank I still had Old Navy and Vons to go. She also drew me a super swell picture last night and told me she was sorry for being so grouchy. That's my girl!!

So here I sit in my sweatpants and sweatshirt happy that Jewish people celebrate Yom Kippur and that my school feels the need to give us all a holiday. Life is Good!!!

More Later

-A Ro

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