Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First Day of School

In the words of Destiny's Child...I'm a survivor I'm not gon' give up I'm not gon' stop...I'm gon' work harder. I hope someone gets that reference. point is...I survived the first day of school, but more important Andrew survived having me as a teacher...yes you heard it correctly my teenage son is in my high school choir. Now in all fairness I did apologize to him ahead of time for any embarrassment I should cause him...that gives me complete freedom right??


Oh alright...I'll try to be on my best behavior, but I cannot promise anything...after all I am only human.

We did have a good first rehearsal and he only turned bright red a couple of times, and he is still speaking to me...I'd say a huge success.

It is funny to me how much changing goes on between 6th grade and 7th is a story between two middle school boys to prove my point:

Sixth grader: Hey did you see that transformers movie?

Seventh grader: Yeah

Sixth grader: It was AMAZING all that action and stuff blowing up and car chases and robots and what a cool movie.

Seventh grader: Yeah it was a cool movie but you have it all wrong...I'll sum up in two words why that movie was awesome.

Sixth grader: OK

Seventh grader: MEGAN FOX!!!

Either way middle school is such a wonderful age to teach. I know some people would say I was crazy, but I do love 'um...every last hormonal one of them.

Bella has one more day of "vacation" a la going to school, but not having to wear a uniform because she is still at daycare. We did meet her teacher...the new one of the group...and she is excited!!

Andrew in his first day outfit that took longer to pick out than his entire birth. Yes I know it is an important decision...and yes he did pick it out the night before...and yes I helped...and no I didn't laugh...and yes he looked very nice.

Can you believe how tall he is? (she says wiping one tear away)

Have I mentioned how lucky I am??

More later

- A Ro

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