Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bella's Birthday...Again

We FINALLY had Bella's "friend" birthday party. You see we always go to Iowa on her birthday, you know, summer birthdays suck...and never have time before we leave to have a "friend" party, and when we get back it is full swing get back into school mode. So now over a month after her birthday we finally had our party. If you can even call it a party...she invited three friends to lunch at California Pizza Kitchen and to go paint ceramics at Paint a Dream. I almost felt guilty accepting presents so late in the game, but...then again...she got some pretty cool stuff.

The gals at CPK

My friend Mandy and I, we looked like twins. As you can tell I am at the age where I will a) go out in public with no makeup b) will late someone take my picture and c) post it for the world to see...or at least all 5 of my followers.

The funny thing was that out of the six of us and the large menu at CPK we each ordered the same thing as someone else at the table.

I am not sure if singing Happy Birthday and making a wish as you blow out your candle really is very effective 40 plus days AFTER your birthday, but we gave it a shot anyway. Everyone kept saying happy birthday to her as we were leaving.

When we got to the Paint a Dream place it was packed. The funniest sight was a birthday party at the long table next to us. It was a birthday party for a three year old. There were 10 three year olds painting ceramics. I have never seen so many large items being painted with such little color. I mean there were about 3 huge gorillas painted just green, and everything else had so many colors on it they looked brown. The parents kept busy trying to keep everything in one piece, wiping paint off of arms, legs, hair, and frantically painting the rest of the large items with whatever color they had after the little ones got tired of it...which was about 10 minutes into the 2 hour party. By the end, after the cupcakes came out, I didn't know what they were licking off of themselves. I think I would stick to Chuck E Cheese.

My girls did beautiful pieces of art and made Bella a plate with their names on it. However, they really had way more fun painting the sponges...

...note to self...next year's friend birthday...our house, sponges and paint.

More Later

-A Ro

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