Thursday, September 10, 2009

Things I Have Noticed

I have not done a things I have noticed segment in a long time and I think that it being hump day of the first week of school I should do a "Things I have Noticed" list.

OK OK I know it really isn't hump day if you had Monday off, but cut me some slack will ya?

Here goes:
  1. I hate to back track. I think it is a disorder I have. It really makes me crazy to backtrack. I will take a longer route in order not to back track. It is some problem I have with efficiency. I really do obsess about it. I my therapist.
  2. I have the cutest almost 4th grader. She has her new hair cut, new uniforms, and she is all ready to go...she is a little nervous, but for the most part she is just so easy going I am not worried at all...well at least not at the moment, but it is late and I am sure I'll be able to muster some up before tomorrow.
  3. I really do love my job. I am feeling a little overwhelmed with my load this year, but when I am in front of the kids I am right at home.
  4. I hate getting up at 4:15 to exercise...oh my gosh I am tired, but I am dedicated and somehow I have done it the past two days...I know it's only two days. One day at a time day at a time.
  5. I must not hate it too much because I am missing a new show that I want to watch...Glee so that I can go to bed early so that I can get up at "too early for humans" o'clock.
  6. I watch one show religiously...Chuck. I have never gotten into a show as much as I have gotten into Chuck...however Chuck doesn't start its new season until I thought I would try to watch Glee. It is loosely about the subject I teach. I watched the pilot this summer and really loved it so I guess that makes me a "GLEEK" . I love it!!
  7. We learned this summer from the required faculty reading that we have "mirror neurons" their job is to mirror other feelings. For example if you are near someone who is happy, you feel happy, if you are near someone who is sad you feel sad. If you are near someone who is constantly negative...well you get the picture. My mirror neurons are hoping that I stay away from certain people...and I have started a list.
  8. GS is a godsend...really and truly he is. I don't think I could do this life without him. My mirror neurons really like him!!
  9. It is really hard having a freshman for a son, especially one at the school I work at, and ESPECIALLY when he is in your class. I just get too stressed about his every day life at school...and constantly worry about him...well at least when I am not worrying about backtracking...

I am starting a new segment to my blog...for all 5 of you who are reading. I am going to start "Fit Fare Friday" (see how that works). Every Friday I will be trying a healthy recipe from a magazine I get...

(I'd tell you which one but I have no idea about copyright laws and I haven't got to that section in my "Google Blogging for Dummies" so I'll just be very vague for now.)

So look for that everyone...and by everyone I mean Zach and you guys and thanks for reading!!

More Later

- A Ro


  1. I'm going to comment on this post but it applies to the last few. Number 1)do you think cake pops could survive ups? Perhaps i'll have to make a floor cooking night and make them...
    2) I READ YOUR BLOG! just so you know that you do have other readers.
    3) I got your survivor reference, OF COURSE.
    4) Bella and Andrew look adorable in their pictures! Tell Andrew that any time he needs advice from an expert high school graduate, he can feel free to ask me... or have you ask me for him.
    5) As sad as it is having vacation end, it's kinda nice to have a schedule again.


  2. I cant wait for the recipes! Im always looking for something new to try and if I dont tell Dustin its healthy he might actually eat it!