Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Going Out of Town

My school is very generous about sending its teachers to professional development events. This is my 6th year working for this school and I have only gone to one professional development conference. For some reason the organizations that I belong to seem to not have my schedule in mind when planning their conferences because each time I wanted to go to one I had a major school conflict.

Not this year...

This year there is a national conference that falls right before my spring choral concert...YIPEE...I get to go to Oklahoma City for three kids, no cooking, no making the bed, networking with people who understand ME...I did a major happy dance with my rose colored glasses on...

Then reality set in...

Here are the top 10 reasons going to this conference is turning into a headache:

10. I am going to miss my daughter's third grade play...I could a mother not have that in red letters on her calendar...I don't need your daughter is giving me enough.

9. Trying to find somewhere to put the maybe I procrastinated...maybe I should have thought of this more than 2 weeks out...but in my defense I had GS all lined up to take care of the dog until he suddenly has to go out of town...alright...alright 2 months is not necessarily "suddenly"...don't think I can't hear those lectures about why it isn't a good idea to just need to stop it already.

8. Trying to find somewhere to put my I know that sounded sorta harsh...but when you are a mother, this is a very tough task. Now I know that they have a father, and trust me he will be doing his part, but he is a very busy I arranged a few play dates with friends. Moms you know what I am talking about...I know you do...and just need to accept your limitations.

7. Packing...I really hate to pack...I am a horrible packer I end up packing so much more than I need...I am the "what if" person...what if Oklahoma gets a snow storm and I need a parka...what if I suddenly lose 25 pounds and want to wear my bikini...ok that was just plain stupid. BUT not only do I have to pack for me I have to pack for my kids...and this is where it gets tricky. Trying to predict what they will need while I am gone is just next to impossible.

6. Missing classes and lesson plans...Now this shouldn't be too tough. I have a great accompanist that is going to take most of my classes...but we have a concert the week I get back...and I just get so worried.

5. Being away from my kids for that long...I know that it is a mother's dream to have some alone time, and I will tell you that I will be looking forward to that hotel room without kids. But I am a worrier, I am not sure you know that about me...(if you don't you haven't been paying attention). I just need to trust in the plan...Ok now I'm really worried.

4. Running and diet I know that it is really easy to lose weight and diet when you are out of town...and the hotel DOES have a fitness center...ok I'll try stop laughing now...

3. Meeting new people...I am a very social person...and I think that I get along with everyone I meet, and I am a very personable kinda gal. But man that takes hard isn't easy. I really hate meeting new people, I hate small talking and chit chatting...most would say that I am good at it but it takes work and isn't something that I look forward to...maybe I'll just make a card with my blog address and hand it to them and walk away.

2. Driving and dealing with LAX...I know that this sounds fun to most...and I can feel that green monster coming out...ok really. The thought of dealing with the nightmare of driving to LAX, using the self serve kiosk...(which never seems to work for me), checking baggage, and finally security. Now I know that I should just not check baggage and just carry on a suitcase, but I'll refer you to #7 above. PLUS when I don't check baggage I worry about not finding a place to put my carry-on...I know very silly.

1. Getting to the airport in Oklahoma and having to get a I know this seems silly to all of you "normal" people. I have never ridden in a taxi, and it scares me to much that it is the number one reason that going to this conference is turning into a headache.

...I know I need to call my therapist.

More later
- A-Ro

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