Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Midday Post - Movies

I am doing a quick mid-day post because I was reading another blog I follow (Second Cup of Coffee) and she did a review on the movie Slumdog Millionaire. She was not able to sit through the whole movie because of some of the violent scenes...and boy do I know where she is coming from.

As I commented on her blog, my family likes to say that if Chevy Chase is not in the movie and it doesn't have the word "Vacation" in it mom doesn't go see it. I am really not that bad...

Ok...maybe I am.

Here is my thing: If I pluck down $10.50 for a movie I want to be entertained...not horrified. I am a very sensitive person you know...now my ex used to wonder how I could be such a big opera fan (not Oprah as some of my student mistaken)...I mean opera, you know lady with horns singing "kill the wabbit"...no that isn't it either.

but...I digress.

Opera is full of violence and death and betrayal, and I love it so...but it is just different not "real"...I mean how real can it seem some lady is dying after being stabbed, but she seems to be able to sing another 45 minute aria...just isn't real.

My son saw Slumdog...and loved it, I mean said it was the best movie he ever saw. He bugs me daily telling me that I need to see it. I am SO surprised that he could handle it. He is like me in the sensitive department, but he could do it. I think he has a better skills in separating make believe and reality. I am not sure...I'll have to ask him about that.

Anyway...I really want to be that kind of movie goer, the one that goes to a movie is moved and works to be a better person...I really do.

C'mon though, I did learn some lessons from my kind of movies.... Here are a few:
1. If you want to go to Wally World you better make sure it is open.
2. Never eat yellow sandwiches.
3. If Christie Brinkley is naked in a pool run the other way.
4. Make sure the squirrels are out of the Christmas tree before you put it up in your living room. 5. More Christmas lights is not necessarily better.
6. Never let your crazy relatives park outside your home in their RV.
7. Don't let your crazy aunt bring the jello to the Christmas dinner.

...thanks Chevy Chase.

More later
-A Ro

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