Saturday, February 14, 2009


Now I know that Vindication and Valentines don't usually go along but that was my day yesterday. I have been having some issues at work and I now finally feel vindicated. The stuff going on was just plain wrong and I finally got someone to see my side. That is a good feeling. The only struggle I have with those situations is that I cry very easily. I know that it is not a good thing, and I know that it is counterproductive when it happens. I just don't know how to fix it. It isn't that I am sad...I just get so mad that I start to cry. Nothing says strength and conviction than a blubbering idiot. Gotta work on that...let me add it to the list. That list is getting quite long.

Anyway so I have this meeting with my administrator get vindicated, and get to go to my daughter's Valentine's Day party in her classroom a few minutes later.

Now one of the things that I find very a curiosity about people sort of the fact that at the school I teach at and my kids go to is that there are quite a few celebrities that send their kids to our school. Those celebs fall into some pretty clear categories: there are the ones that you never see...they send their kids to and from school with nannies and you get to know that nannies really well...those kind I am just not sure about. They just don't seem involved and I just can't understand that mentality. Then there are those that are just as big of a star, but are at EVERYONE of their kids events. One of those kind are in my daughter's class. Brad Garrett (From everybody loves Raymond) is one of those guys. He is at every event that his children are in...goes to every party...and is just the nicest most generous guy there is. I remember the first time I met him. I was teaching at summer camp and his kids were there. His wife told me at carpool in the afternoon that their son left his lunch box in one of the classrooms, I told them that I would get it and make sure it was safe. The next morning Brad shows up to claim the lunch box. As you know he is a big guy and very recognizable. He walked up to me stuck out his hand and introduced himself to I knew who he was the second he walked up to me, but the fact that he didn't presume that I knew him was what impressed me the most. I have to tell you that I do not go gaga over celebrities. I really think that they are just as good as I am, but just happen to make an insane amount of money. I really hate people who kiss their butts and try to get in good with them. I am very polite and say hi and chat when the opportunity presents itself, but mostly I leave them alone. Brad is just such an approachable guy and would do anything for anyone. I must say I am impressed. He was at the party hanging out in the back enjoying watching his daughter and just being a dad.
My daughter Bella

Bella with her yummy rice crispy treat heart.

My sweet girl and her big foreheaded mama...

Things I Noticed:
1. I really wanted to do the Big Mama Fashion Friday link...I had a really great addition but because of all the crazy at my work...I just didn't get to it, maybe next Friday.

2. Teenagers sometimes exaggerate situations...I know isn't that the definition of teenager?? Glad someone else finally realizes that.

3. Valentine's day sucks when you can't eat chocolate...I mean really sucks.

4. I love free dress bein in my jeans and sneakers!!

5. I really look forward to three day weekends...hey wait...this weekend is a three day weekend YES!!!

6. I love tortilla chips, salsa, and bean dip...yes I know that it is bad for you but oh so yummy...and yes I know that eating those things make me feel guilty...but just couldn't help it.

7. You can't run when you are upset...your stomach just churns and that is not conducive to running...and yes it makes me mad when I can't over come it and that someone else's stupidity causes me to not be able to finish my 4 mile run...

8. Teenager's are scatterbrains...I'll need to add that to the definition...but I am sure it already is.

Things I am Grateful For:
1. Three day weekends.
2. Being able to stick up for myself and not cry.
3. Being able to be articulate and get the job done.
4. Generous people.
5. Valentine's Day parties.

More later

- A Ro

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