Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ordinary Day

Sitting here trying to think about what to blog and realizing that it was just an ordinary day. Busy but I decided to think about the ordinary and how it becomes extra-ordinary if you just take another look at it.

7:45 - Gym...4.5 mile run...usual, but when I really think about where I started 7 weeks ago with 2 miles and now I am running 4.5 miles...really extraordinary.

9:00 - Grocery Shopping - the ordinary, but enjoying the company of GS and having someone push my cart, load my groceries, and help me put them away. Sharing responsibility for this chore was never a part of my normal routine...

11:30 - Andrew cut to be exact...normal event, but sitting watching my teenager get his haircut next to a 1 year old blond blue eyed boy and remembering my boo that age...heartwarming.

12:30 - Picture day for baseball...normal event. The lined up the boys by height and I watched all 12 of them waiting to boy being the smallest. The other boys were just goofy...silly...obniouxous...and my boy was quietly chatting with his good friend (the next shortest one) being respectful member of this team. I was proud to have witnessed this part of my boy.

1:00 - Lunch at the ordinary event, but Andrew also did something that made me think. There was this guy that went around to all the tables and put little key chains/pens with a note saying that he was deaf and that for a $2.00 donation we could keep the pen. Andrew watched this guy walk around the food court. He couldn't concentrate on anything else. He was worried about this guy and he hurried us through lunch because he was getting upset that this guy had to do this to survive...extraordinary look at lunch at the mall.

3:15 - Andrew's Football game...ordinary Sunday event...this one when I looked back on it tonight could only think of Bella. She was drug around to all these events today for Andrew, but she was gracious, and brought things to do without reminded me of something her friends mom said yesterday...she said that she just loved my daughter...that she was such a gracious child who was so flexible and a joy to be around...that mom is absolutely right...she is such a joy to be around...I'm so lucky that I get to call her my own.

5:00 - Rushing Andrew to orchestra...ordinary event. I am so lucky to have this son who is so talented at playing the cello. Last week sitting at his concert I realized that I have this boy that when I watched him play I thought my heart was going to explode with pride...I am such a lucky mom.

6:00 - Hanging out with Bella and getting chores done...Ok nothing extraordinary about chores...I mean I could say how lucky I am to have home to do chores in, food to cook for dinner, clothes to wash (even though I hate all my clothes), and a beautiful daughter to hang out with...ok enough said.

My ordinary day was filled with extraordinary things...I hope to put new perspective on other ordinary days. Because I think the true meaning of living life is just that living the ordinary days as if they were extraordinary...I have a big job ahead of me.

Things I am Thankful For:
read the above list...thank you

More later

-A Ro

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