Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ghosts of Halloween's Past

I love Halloween. I love fall in general, but Halloween is just so much fun. I am not sure if I just like the colors of orange and black, or all the fun "spooky-ness" of it all.

I am sure it is hooked with some deep psychosis, but that is OK...I just love it.

However, I am not into dressing up at ALL. I know that sounds crazy me not liking such a integral part of Halloween but I just don't. I know that my previous life as a performer forced me to don some pretty crazy costumes, but dressing up as an opera character is way different than driving up to Burger King dressed up as a baby complete with diaper and Binky...I just think those people are so silly...not for me.

My kids like Halloween too, but I think the reason they like it is because they get to torture their mother with their crazy Halloween costume ideas. OK I'll admit that I kinda get into it, but 9 years into Isabella's life and 14 years into Andrew's life I am a little tired of trying to be creative to match their crazy ideas.

My daughter is especially demanding...and Andrew WAS but now he really hates to dress up...I guess a lot like me. He would rather stay at home and hand out the candy than actually trick or treat. Plus both of my kids would come home with such a big stash of candy and it would sit in my pantry until the next Halloween hardly touched...I guess that is a good thing.

Andrew started his Halloween costume career as a clown...however he was only 2 months old. I would venture to say that most babies start their costume career as clowns...really easy.

His first real Halloween at a year he was the cutest cow. This was the beginning of mom making crazy costumes...this started it all.

wasn't he just ADORABLE!!!

The next year he wanted to be...a joke he wanted to be a skunk. I put on my thinking cap and finally put it together...again isn't he ADORABLE...

The next couple of costumes were very normal...a construction worker, race car driver...

Now my daughter was also very creative, but she turned out that way...I started her off very normal. The first year was a clown...the next two years she was a fifty's girl
But then the "I need to be different" gene hit and when she was 3 she wanted to be Elvis...not Elvis the singer but Elvis the brother's dog...Elvis.

This one about killed me...gluing curly hair onto a sweatshirt...I still think I have the burn marks from that hot glue gun...This picture is from her scrapbook...and it is the last Halloween page I have done...she was three...she is now nine...need I say more??

I did talk her into some "normal" "easy" costumes...

Cinderella...however my favorite moment in this costume was when I went to pick her up from preschool she was sitting in the sandbox shoes off, in only her, now black, tights with sand in her hair and her tiara off kilter...she does have the princess head tilt down pat can put the girl in the princess costume but you can't get the princess out of the sandbox...

...and a sweet little cat!!!

But the last two years have been the most creatively draining ones of all...

...a Starbucks cup...she wanted to be Bella mocha latte...and yes I did draw this free hand...yes I know it looks pretty good...could I do it ever again...probably not. If you are a corporate big wig from Starbucks and would like to now sue me for copyright infringement please keep in mind that I would have been more than happy to buy this costume...oh the headaches it would have spared me.

How could it get any worse/better you ask?? Last year...

...California Roll Sushi...yes once again created by moi. I have no oil on my fingers and thumbs due to the duct tape seaweed on the outside...and since hot glue just melts Styrofoam I had to use good old Elmer' that is a lot of Styrofoam peanuts...If you are a big wig from the Environment Protection Agency and would like to come do a protest at my house due to all the Styrofoam I used please keep in mind...that Styrofoam is now sitting in my garage and not in some landfill...however if you could distract my daughter long enough that is exactly where I would put it....

This year we are going to be Wendy...not from Peter Pan that would be WAY to easy for my girl...we are: Yep that girl...I had her convinced that Cat in the Hat was the way to go this year...but nope that changed VERY quickly...her Nana has made an apron for I just need to make her hair stick out, dye it red, and give her some freckles...easy right...
...all I can say is she is so lucky her mama loves Halloween!!
More Later
-A Ro


  1. Boy you are SUPER creative! I'm planning on doing a post of my past Halloween costumes (we usually dress up at work), but mine are either lame, store bought, or really simple. One year I was "partly cloudy with a chanc of rain" - I wore a blue sweatshirt with cotton ball clouds on it & carried around a watering can.

  2. WOW, wow and wow. I'm super impressed. I can't wait to see this year's offering. It was fun to see her "grow up" in the pics, too.