Friday, October 2, 2009

Birthin' Babies

I have decided to change fonts...I just needed something to shake it up a bit.

However the most important info of the day has nothing to do with fonts...

something much more cute...

much sweeter...

and smells much nicer...

My sister was due to have her baby yesterday!!!

Yesterday she called me at 6:20 and told me she was having some contractions and felt like stuff was goin' on down there. Since then I have decided that it is hard to give advice to pregnant women and new mothers for that matter because each birthing experience and each baby is SOOO different AND quite frankly, some of the truths are just hard to hear. My story is no different. My son and daughter were not going to come on their own. I was induced both times and didn't have an epidural with either one. I know you are thinking either you are crazy or very strong...the truth is the thought of having a needle stuck in my back was too much to bear. I guess that makes the "being crazy theory" the correct answer. My daughter never slept as a new born and cried for the first three months. My son was a quiet sweet baby who also never slept.

There just isn't one right way to do it or one right answer.

However, in attempting to give advice and TRY to be helpful I have been thinking about those two topics and have come up with some things that are just universal.

Here goes:

  • from the moment you find out you are pregnant your bathroom becomes the room in your house most visited

  • you look at non pregnant skinny girls with envy

  • the first time your baby kicks you is the coolest thing EVER!!!

  • being pregnant is an amazing thing

  • the last trimester to birth seems like the longest time of your life.

  • waiting for the birth sucks

  • the amount you are dilated during the last weeks before your due date has nothing to do with how long it will be before you actually give birth

  • the doctor does very little in the process of giving birth...thank goodness for nurses!!

  • giving birth involves some pain

  • the weeks after birth involve some pain

  • onesies are the greatest invention

  • you are very tired

  • you are extremely tired

  • you have a hard time remembering the last time you slept, ate, or took a shower

  • giving birth is the easiest part of becoming a parent...the hardest part is yet to come

  • vitamin E does nothing for stretch marks

  • you never saw something so small eat so much

  • you never realized how much you could love another human being

I wish my baby sister good luck, god speed, and a good anesthesiologist. My kids will finally have to consider their Aunt Kate an adult.

More later

-A Ro

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