Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner and Homecoming

Well...I won. I won the coffee apron from Linda at 2nd Cup of Coffee. YIPEE!!!
Here I am whipping up a batch of something or other. If you also notice this picture was taken AFTER we cleaned up the kitchen from dinner...or you would have seen no white counter at all. When I cook...boy I cook. My son asked me why I would want an apron with coffee on it as I cannot drink it anymore. I said because it came from one of my favorite bloggers who chose me at random (so she says) **wink**wink** and it proves that I CAN win something...darn it...now if only my lotto numbers would come up...oh crap does this mean that all my luck ran out with winning this apron...just kidding I am very honored to wear this apron and will cook and bake in it with pride. Thanks Lid!!

This past Friday night was my school's homecoming game. I love football. I love high school football. I love bundling up and sitting in the bleachers cheering on my team. Not to mention chatting with my friends and eating crappy food. My school is a smaller private school and the only game we play on Friday night is homecoming. We rent the local high school's football field for homecoming and it is a BIG event for our school. We don't have a marching band so our band director puts together a pep band for the evening. We do have cheerleaders and a mascot...so there is a lot of spirit at our games.

Our primary and lower school chorus perform before the game.

Some of my seniors who sang the national anthem with the choruses.

My good friend and her daughter

GS and I at the game.

I had a winning football team in high school. When I dated GS in high school he was on the football team and I got to wear his away jersey to all the home games. I was so proud of him and loved being the girlfriend of a football player. Our games were every Friday and I don't think I missed one. Football games were such a big event for my school. Then everyone went to Pizza Hut for pizza and more socializing...it is wonder I learned anything in high school except who was dating who...

Did you enjoy your high school football games?

My son loves to go to socialize, and this year my daughter did a whole lot of socializing too...I guess she is growing up into a pre-teen.

This is oh so evident by her sudden fashion sense. We were shopping at Target and she looked at a shirt and said "What planet would you have to be on to think this was cute"

I am in such trouble...

Again where is that baby who wouldn't sleep...

Oh the good old days!!

More Later

-A Ro


  1. I loved the (one) time I dated a guy on the football team. I'd wear his letter jacket during the game and on homecoming, I wore the most ginormous and guadily, glittery ribbon safety pinned to the front.

    Those were the days.

  2. Love the pic! You wear it well, and I am happy that you won. No, you didn't use up all of your random drawing mojo on my contest.