Thursday, October 29, 2009

Running from Vampires

Last January I decided that I wanted to run a 10k.

It was a time of my life that I wasn't thinking to clearly, if you were to ask me before then if I ran I would always respond with - only if someone was chasing me.

However, I must have taken my decision seriously because on April 24th 2009 I ran my first 10k. I trained by running a couple of miles in the gym and gradually working up to running 6 miles outside. I now can no longer run on the bores me to tears. There is only so much of watching sweaty guys lift weights or infomercials with no sound before you want to stop running and go have a Starbucks. So if I want to keep running, doing it outside has been my only option. Because when you run outside you cannot stop until you get home...I ain't no dumb guy.

Before school started and I was running this were my tools. An i-pod, my heart rate monitor, a cellphone, and my pepper spray...mostly because of my fear of crazy animals.After school started when I was forced to get up at 4:00 am to get my run in before I needed to be at school...I added a flashing light to the back of my armband AND a small flashlight to strap to my hand as there are some very dark sections of my early morning run. The pepper spray expanded from keeping me safe from of crazy animals to keeping me safe from crazy people. (Have you ever been on the website that tells you what kind of crazy people live near your house??? Do yourself a favor...don't)

Yesterday predicted that today would be a colder California day...and when I say colder California day it means the morning temperature would be in the upper me and my unfortunate acclamation to California temperatures...that is cold. So I decided I needed to go to Target to get some warmer pants and maybe a hat to run GS tagged along and we went to Target. When I say tagged along I mean he offered to go with me. Believe it or not he likes to go to run errands with me...I know right??...he drives, pushes the cart, and holds my hand. Now you know why he got the tag GS (Godsend). I purchased Target Champion Running Pants.

I fully realize that these are tight fitting pants..

I fully realize that tight fitting pants are not flattering to my body...

I fully realize that my legs would be cold without them...

I bought them...

Here is my new cold weather running gear complete with a hat that has a hole for my pony cool is that!!! I realize that I must look like a commando with all this stuff attached to me...a commando that would wear pink and orange sparkly gloves that is.

So I got up this morning at the crack of dawn after a very scary dream about vampires...and no not the good-looking-I-want-to-love-you-not-eat-you vampires. I donned my new running pants and hat and went outside. Needless to say I was a little spooked going out for my run in the dark after this horrible dream. However, I was hopeful that if I just kept my mind busy that I would forget all about the bloodsuckers and get my run done.

Here are some of the things that went through my mind this morning:

I wonder if I fell this morning if my orange and pink sparkly gloves would protect me from a hand injury.

I wonder if I fell this morning if my new too tight running pants would protect me from skinning my knees.

Is The Stroke one of Billy Squires only hits.

Oh my gosh is The Stroke a song about what I think it is a song about???

How the heck did a Celine Dion song get put on my running mix???

I hope that guy who just ran by me wearing only a tank top and shorts doesn't think that I am a wimp for being WAY overdressed...

I really hope that no one notices my jiggly butt in these too tight pants...wait a is 4:30 in the morning no one is even looking at my jiggly butt in these too tight pants.

...unless its a vampire and he is thinking..."how juicy"...

so much for distracting thoughts...

More later

-A Ro


  1. It's been in the 40s in the mornings here - we think we're having a heat wave LOL.

    Heh - vampires in California.

  2. As a pseudo-wanna-be runner, I can relate to alot of this.

    I'm more afraid of people than animals.

    And you are right about forcing yourself outside because you have to get back home. Actually, though, most of the time I love it out there.

  3. There is one section of my morning run that is a little darker than the others and even though it scares me a little if I really just stop feeling frightened and listen it puts me at peace. I do love running outside too.