Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away, but Not For Too Long

It is raining here in my neck of the woods....and when I say neck of the woods, I mean small patch of concrete.

We here in Southern California have a love/hate relationship with our weather...I realize that I am saying "we" like I am a Southern Californian...but it is just an expression people y'all know I am an Iowan through and through...

Anyhoo..."we" Southern Californians really we have a love/hate relationship with a lot of things. Our cars (we love them, but spend entirely too much time in them), our houses, (have you seen real estate prices in this area lately...Whoa Susanna!! even with the recession they are OUTRAGEOUS), our beautiful mountains (except when they are on fire)...but our weather, now that is a whole other story.

We do get snow believe it or not, and even within the short 8 years that I have lived here it has snowed in Malibu...yeah it did look it up.

Now snowing in Malibu is WAY different than snowing in Des Moines, Iowa. I know what snow is and let me tell you the fluffy, white, wimpy stuff that fell in Malibu (and didn't even stick on the ground) was not snow. Where I come from it could be blizzarding so that you can't even see your hand in front of your face and we still drive into town to go to the bank. My friends, we Iowans know all about snow.

We here in So. Cal. are constantly in need of rain, and we are always complaining about our lack of it...but when it comes we are totally unprepared. The fires burn our mountainsides and then the rain causes mudslides. Our roads don't drain, our UGG boots are not waterproof, and our half naked bodies (and this is where I am REALLY stretching the use of the word "our" as my body has NEVER been half naked anywhere in public) don't handle the sudden drop in temperature and windy conditions, our convertible tops really aren't meant for bad weather, and certainly our fashionable Gucci umbrellas look much better slipped into our Prada briefcases than turned inside out carrying a 95lb super model down Rodeo Drive. Not a pretty site people.

Lets just say that 24 hours after the first drop of rain has fallen we wave the white flag and say enough is enough, even though we haven't had enough rain to even make a dent in the amount of rain we need. A few inches of rain and we are looking for pairs of livestock following an old man with a long white beard. Come on now, it's not that bad...all you need to do is pull out the golf umbrellas, the yellow slickers, and the Lands End duck boots and you'd be plenty prepared. We are really wimpy (again see above on my use of the word "we")

Now to be fair we do one kind of weather really well...sunny and 70's...too bad we don't see that kind of weather very often.

...oh wait...we DO see that kind of weather...yeah we see that kind of weather about 75% of the time...

...c'mon now...don't be a hater.

More Later

-A Ro

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  1. Yeah I'm not looking forward to winter. We used to live near Cincinnati, which is practically Kentucky, & while we got more snow than we did growing up in NC it was somewhat manageable. Now we live an hour north of where we did. We've been warned. Brrr.