Thursday, October 29, 2009

Kill The Wabbit at Great Pumpkin Day

Today our school's Lower and Primary Divisions (K - 5th grade) had their Great Pumpkin Day assembly and carnival. All the grades got to perform...and everyone gets to dress up. If you know me at all you know that I don't like to dress up. I just don't...I know the problem lies deep within my twisted psychological make-up...but there are oh so many more issues to work on in there that this one will just stay an issue for the time being. However, being that I am a recovering opera singer I decided that I needed a Brunhilde hat. You know from Bugs Bunnies "Kill the Wabbit". (It is actually from Wagners Die Walkerie...but you'd have to be big time opera buffs to know that) Here is the link (they disabled the embedding option) It is too funny if you have never seen it go check it out.
Please ignore the bags under Brunhilde's eyes...she had a rough night and got up at 4:15 to to keep that girlish "fat lady" figure...
My friend and I 80's rocker chick and opera lady...we go together nicely don't you think.
Here is the unveiling of the latest Bella costume. Many think that she is Pippi Longstocking, but alas she is the Wendy's hamburger girl. Thank you Nana for the lovely apron...she is so happy to be wearing it...

Here she is getting ready to go on stage to sing the 4th Grade Song "Ghostbusters" (Trying to get used to GS's camera as mine is out of batteries...sorry for the blur)The original Ghostbuster Ray Parker Jr. came to help the kids sing. His son is in Bella's grade at the school I teach at.
What a special treat for the kids...and quite frankly for the parents too. We were the ones who really appreciated that song...back in the day...with our feathered hair...listening to it on our Walkman...with our jeans tight rolled...lookin' cool in our Coca Cola jean jacket...
...I could go on...
...but I won't...'re welcome.
More Later
-A Ro


  1. Wendy looks great! What did you use on her hair?

    You look hilarious! One of the comic strips I read today (Todd the Dinosaur) had this same Brunhilde hat. Only he thought it made him look like a Viking. Then when he got to school they wouldn't let him wear the hat (too pointy!) so all he had on was the hair. His teacher thought he was dressed like Cindy Brady.

  2. You got Ray Parker?! Wow!

    I thought you were too young to remember the original.

    And for the record, I knew the Bugs opera song was from Wagner, although I know nothing about Wagner, except maybe the traditional wedding song is his and it's actually a dark song, right?

  3. Graduated in 1987 and love 80's music. Yes here comes the bride is from Wagners Lohengrin. It is a song played as the hero come back with his new is a very sexually explicit scene. He also is forced to leave her that night so the song has some very sad dark connotations within the opera. Interesting stuff...